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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Junior School


Dear Parents,

Each term of the school year presents us all with particular challenges and joys.

I wrote to you in the Summer Term about the joys and trials of the busiest time in the school year. Our summer holidays seem to have passed so quickly, and we are now all back together and settled into another academic year.

Autumn can be a time for reflection and renewal. It is hard to ignore the seasonal changes going on outside, and it is an ideal opportunity to share these with our children. In an urban environment it is easy to miss the more subtle signs.  It is the ideal time of year to make the most of our parks and green spaces.  There is a useful link HERE> that gives an alphabetical list of all the places in Croydon that are open.

It is important to have a spiritual focus as we begin again. Harvest Time will be coming soon, and our churches all celebrate by reaching out to the more vulnerable in our communities and providing support. It is a good idea to involve your child in Harvest Festivals through the church. In school, we hope to be inviting CAFOD to speak about their valuable and similar work overseas.