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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



13th October 2017

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


As part of our ‘Welcome topic’ we will be talking about how we welcome a baby to the church.
We will be acting out a Baptism and learning the important signs and symbols of this Sacrament. 

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week we will be learning about Harvest. We will be thinking about the colours of Autumn –
looking at the plants, trees and leaves that we see. Reception children will also be finding other things that are red that relate to Autumn.
If you could please have a look for any conkers, leaves, acorns and fur cones and bring them in for our Autumn table.
The Harvest Festival Assesmbly is on Friday 20th October and the theme will be the Harvest of Colour -Reception will be focusing RED. So if you find any red leaves please bring them in for us.


At home: Think of all the foods in our world that are red.

Maths Development

Next week we will be looking at ordering numbers 1-10. The children will have to put number cards in the correct order and recognise that the order does not change.

We will be using the vocabulary before, after next, biggest number, smallest number. We will be asking the children to: ‘Point to number 3’.  And ask the questions-
‘Which number comes before 3? Which number comes after 3?’

At home:
SAsk your children to put numbers in order and use the number lines, you were given in your packs, to ask similar questions using the vocabulary before, after and next.

General Information

  • Next week the Reception classes will be having their ‘Welcome’ Liturgy. This is to welcome the children and their families into our school family.
  • St Andrew Liturgy – 18th October at 9.30
    St George Liturgy – 19th October at 9.30

  • After half term we will be visiting the church to look at the Baptismal font, act out a Baptism and talk about the signs and symbols we see.
  • We are taking part in a Writing Project to enhance the children’s writing skills. Please could you look for signs of writing with your child when you are walking to school, going to the shops, in your house (food packets, magazine etc) and maybe on buses and trams. Please bring them into school so we can make a display of all the writing we see in our environment.

Many thanks the Reception team