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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

10th  – 14th July 2017
Dear Parents / Carers

R.E. Treasures

This coming week the children will learn about God’s world as a precious treasure.

We are going to be focusing on just how beautiful it is and how it instils in us a sense of awe and wonder.

They will study a reading based on Psalm 8: 3-11 and Psalm 19: verses 1 – 6.

Through this they will hear about God creating the moon and stars and the sun which gives us our light and warmth. We will celebrate beginning each new day with hope and joy. We will also be thinking of how we need to preserve God’s wonderful world and treasure it.

Home learning: Can all the family make a big effort at home to turn off things like the lights when you leave a room, the tap after washing your hands, or the TV when the programme is over, so the children learn to conserve the world’s precious resources for the future.

Topic: The Lighthouse keeper

This coming week the children will make their sandwich for the           

                 hungry Mr. Grinling. There are some interesting combinations                 

                planned - ketchup and chocolate sauce for example! The tasting and

      evaluating should be an interesting experience.

           The children will also be working on writing about their memories of                 

              their days at St. Mary’s Infant School. 

 Home learning: The children have a comprehension on a recipe and following its instructions to complete. .


We will spend any available time this coming week on working with money.

Home learning: The children have to make up their own calculations involving money.

They need to plan different sandwich fillings for Mr. Grinling’s lunch.

But, Mrs. Grinling has to stick to a budget, so they need to work out if a particular combination is possible or not.

It may help some children to have coins to work with.



Please join us on Thursday 20th July at 9.30 a.m. for this beautiful service.

Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.