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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 6 



From 8th to 11th May, all Year Six children will take their SATs tests. These are national assessments from the government for all children in the country of their age.


The first formal tests that children undertake can be quite a stressful experience. We have produced the following advice for parents so that the children have the best chance to perform well and make everybody proud.


1          SLEEP

A tired brain cannot learn! The correct amount of sleep is absolutely vital for the children. The NHS advises between nine and ten hours per night for children of this age.

To learn more, follow this link:

Google keywords: nhs children sleep


2          DIET

A balanced diet has been shown to aid brain function. Even small changes to diet for children have been seen to have a great positive effect on learning.

Please make sure your child has something for breakfast each morning.

It is also vital that the children have enough to drink.

The NHS has some good and simple advice for parents here:

Google keywords: nhs children diet 6-15


3          BEING ON TIME

PLEASE make sure that children are on time for school. It is really noticeable how late children are upset and do not do well in exams. If a child is late after the exam has started, he or she may need to complete it alone, which is also upsetting.



4          ILLNESS

The success of every child is the goal for the school. If your child is ill, please telephone the school office as soon as possible as special arrangements can be made. An absence is reported as ‘N’ which is a failed to achieve.


5          LEISURE

Whilst we understand that children love computer games, tablets and consoles; it is important to get some fresh air and exercise. Once again, the NHS offers the best advice.

Follow this link:

or Google the keywords: nhs 10 healthy family



Please do not make appointments in SATs week.