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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


17th January 2020

Nursery Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers
of Nursery Children


We will continue the topic ‘Celebrating'.  The children will be listening to the story of

'The Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple'.

Communication, Language and Literacy

'Safari Pete' is visiting our school next week.  He will be bringing a variety of zoo animals for the children to see and touch.

They will be using this experience to think about the other animals they could ask the zoo to send them.

This half term we are focussing on 'rhyme' and so we will be singing lots of nursery rhymes and playing games to support the children's learning and understanding.

At Home:  Please continue to sing rhymes with your child.   Each child has a set of nursery rhymes in their book bag.  If you are unsure of the tune please ask a member of staff or you can listen to them on YouTube.


We will continue to look at 2D shapes next week.  The children can now identify a circle and triangle.

This week we will be focusing on squares. The children will be looking for squares in and around the nursery, finding everyday items that are square and making pictures using squares.

 At Home: On your way to and from nursery see how many squares you can see.  How many do you have at home?  Are there any on the bus, train, tram or in the car.

General Information

We would be very grateful for donations of boxes of tissues.

We are very low on spare pants, for both boys and girls, and nursery trousers.  We would be very grateful if you could check to see if you have any at home that your child has borrowed.

Thank you