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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


7th February 2020

Nursery Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers
of Nursery Children


We will be starting a new topic 'Gathering'. In this topic the children will learn about why we gather together at Church and what happens during the Mass.

Communication, Language and Literacy

In the final week of this half term we will be writing our own version of the story 'Dear Zoo'. The children will be choosing an animal from the zoo and writing about it as part of our class book.

We will continue to focus on rhyme and so we will be singing songs and nursery rhymes.  The children will be encouraged to finish the song with the correct rhyming word.  We will be creating our own versions of familiar rhymes.

E.g: Humpty Dumpty sat on log.  Humpty Dumpty jumped on a frog.

At Home:  Please continue to sing songs and rhymes with your child and share rhyming stories with them.  If you do not have any rhyming stories at home the library is a great place to find some.


Next week we will continue to learn about 2D shapes.  The children can now identify a circle and a triangle but it is proving more difficult for them to distinguish between a square and a rectangle.

So, this week we will continue to learn about the properties of squares and rectangles. The children will be looking for squares and rectangles in and around the Nursery and completing activities that will help their understanding of the properties and differences between the two shapes e.g A square has 4 sides that are all the same size but a rectangle has 2 short sides and 2 long sides. We will continue to count and identify the sides and corners.

 At Home: On your way to and from Nursery look out for the different shapes you can see in the environment.  How many can you see at home? What shapes can you see on the way to and from school?

General Information

We would be very grateful if you could donate a box of tissues.

The children have been working hard to learn how to fasten the zip on their coat.  We now have more children who are able to do this so thank you for your encouragement and please continue to support them to be independent. The children always feel proud when they can do things for themselves.

We would be grateful if you could check your child's school scarf as one has gone missing.  The missing scarf has the child's name on it and may have been picked up by mistake. Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Fuller and the Nursery team.