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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools Trust 

Nursery Newsletter

26th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all keeping well. We are really missing you and hope you have enjoyed the lovely hot weather we have had this week.

Communication and Literacy

We are reading the story Old Macdonald had a Farm. 

We will be reading the story and thinking about the order the animals come in throughout the story. We will also be thinking about the noise the animals make and what we get from the animals e.g milk from a cow and wool from a sheep. Maybe you could ask your child which animal in the story is their favourite. 

Don't forget it's great to share stories every day during the day and at bedtime. 

Mathematical Development

This week we will be working with the number 6. 

We will be recognising number 6, ordering numbers up to 6 and matching the number to quantity.

At home you could go on a hunt to find and count 6 items from your home. 


We will be continuing our new topic 'Friends'.

We will be learning about how Jesus said to be a good friend. 

The children will be thinking about how they can be good friend.

The children will be asked to draw a picture of something they do with their friends.

Please check the 'New Reception Room 2020' on Fronter for important information about the children's transition to Reception in September. Thank you.


We hope you all have a good week. 

Here are some links that are useful.

There are some beautiful stories on:  


General Information 

  • You can look on our school website at for any other ideas and activities to print off at home.
  • Please remember that we have added some videos and some educational activities for you to use at home on the 'It's Learning' site.    Please use the username and password you were given to login in and have a look at our Reception Room.
  • We will add new learning activities when necessary.
  • AND - most importantly ensure you all stay healthy and safe. Keep washing your hands regularly and listen to any Government recommendations and advice.

Many thanks the Early Years team