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St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools Trust 

Nursery Newsletter

10th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all keeping well.  

We have one more week left of this academic year, one more week of your child being with us in Nursery and one more week of home learning!

We have made up some summer home learning packs for you. We will be giving them out to the children who have returned back to Nursery and we can post the packs to those of you who have chosen to keep your child at home. If you can come to the school to pick it up that would be very helpful, but a reminder to you that the school office is closed for anything other than phone calls and emails at the moment, but we can leave the learning on a table by the main gate. Just phone the school to let us know when you will be able to pick it up so we can have it ready for you.

The children's work folders from Nursery are also available to buy for £5 (exact money please in an envelope as we have no change.) If you would like to buy your child's folder please let us know so we can also have it ready for you to pick up if your child did not return to Nursery. If you do not wish to purchase the folder you are welcome to have your child's work in a carrier bag. 

Communication and Literacy

This week we will be continuing to think about 'Summertime'.

We will be reading the story 'Bright Stanley' and continuing to think about what we would see and do at the Beach and in the sea. We will also be thinking about what we see and do at the Park. 

If you go to the Park have a chat about what you can see as you walk around and talk about what you enjoy doing at the Park. Maybe it's running around, going on the slide, having a ride on the swings? 

Mathematical Development

This week we will still be counting up to 10.

We will be recognising number 10 and matching the amount to the number 10. 

When you are at home or out and about see if you can count up to 10 objects or things that you see. Maybe you can see if you can spot any number 10's while you are out and about. 



We will be continuing our new topic 'Our world.'

We will be learning about how God has shared this wonderful world with all of us. We will be thinking about how we can share this beautiful world we live in. We will be thinking about what we share with our family and friends at home or at nursery. 

The children will be thinking about what they share and drawing a picture of it. 

We will also be putting a video on Fronter this week of memories from your child's busy year with us in Nursery. Have a look. We hope you enjoy it. 

Please check the 'New Reception Room 2020' on Fronter for important information about the children's transition to Reception in September. Thank you.

Please send your child to Nursery with their sun hat if the weather is hot.

Please apply sun cream as the Nursery garden can get very hot and sunny. 

Thank you. 

We hope you all have a good week. 

Here are some links that are useful.

There are some beautiful stories on:  


General Information 

  • You can look on our school website at for any other ideas and activities to print off at home.
  • Please remember that we have added some videos and some educational activities for you to use at home on the 'It's Learning' site.    Please use the username and password you were given to login in and have a look at our Reception Room.
  • We will add new learning activities when necessary.
  • AND - most importantly ensure you all stay healthy and safe. Keep washing your hands regularly and listen to any Government recommendations and advice.

Many thanks the Early Years team