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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



12th October 2018

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


As part of our ‘Welcome’ topic we will be talking about how we welcome a baby to the family of the church. We will be acting out a Baptism and learning about the important signs and symbols that are associated with this Sacrament.  

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week we will be learning about the meaning of Harvest. We will learn that this is the season of Autumn.  We will be looking at the plants, trees and leaves that we can see on our way to school and thinking about all  the  beautiful colours in the environment at this time of year.  

Please could you have a look for conkers, leaves, acorns and fur cones and bring them in for our Autumn table. We will be using them to make pictures and talking about their size, shapes and colours. 

At home: 
Take your child to the park and look at all the leaves that have fallen from the trees. Encourage your child to find different shapes and coloured leaves, as well as 

Maths Development

The children have done really well ordering numbers 1-10 and understanding the vocabulary ‘what number comes after’.  Next week we will continue to order numbers 1-10, focusing on the vocabulary ‘before’. They will be finding the number that comes before a given number. For example ‘what number comes before 7?

We will continue to introduce the vocabulary before, after next, biggest number, smallest number. We will be asking the children to: ‘Point to number 3’.  And ask the questions- ‘Which number comes before 3? Which number comes after 3?’

At home: 
Ask your children to put numbers in order and ask questions

‘What number comes next?’

‘What number comes before?’

General Information

  • Please note that we have our class ‘Welcome Liturgies’ on the Wednesday 17thOctober.

    St Andrew Class will be at 9.30am
    St George Class will be at 2.30pm

  • The liturgies will take place in our classrooms and we will look forward to seeing you all there and welcome you all to Reception. 

  • We would be very grateful to anyone who could contribute some boxes of tissues. We have a lot of runny noses in Reception at the moment.

Many thanks the Reception team