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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



9th March 2018

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


 This week we began a new topic ‘Growing’. In this topic the children will learn that spring is a time when things begin to grow. They will also learn that Lent is a time to grow in love, to be more like Jesus and to look forward to Easter.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week is Science Week and the theme is water.
We will be learning about what we use water for and how it is important for our survival.

We will also be learning about how we can save water and help people in other countries who do not have fresh running water.

In phonics we will be revisiting all the sounds we have learnt and playing different games to reinforce them.

At home;  Continue to read daily with your child and encourage them to think about what they have read by asking them lots of how and why questions.

Maths Development

The children have been finding adding two sets of coins quite trick so we will continue to count money. We will be adding two sets of coins to find the total.
At home:  Ask your child to count 2 sets of coins to find the total.

General Information

  • If you attended the Phonics Workshops you will know that we have now completed all the letter sounds  for Reception. However, I will be around every Wednesday morning for a drop in phonic session if you have any questions or would like me to go over any of the sounds again.
  • As you have probably already heard Mrs Jhaveri will be leaving Reception and going to teach in Year 1 - she will be will greatly missed in the Early Years and we wish her all the best.
  • St George class teacher will be Mr Madden. Please join us in welcoming him to our school family and continue to support him and your children in their school life. 

  • Many thanks the Reception team