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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



15th MARCH 2019

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


Next week we will begin a new topic ‘Growing’. In this topic the children will learn that spring is a time when things begin to grow. They will learn thatLent is a time to grow in love, to be more like Jesus and to look forward to Easter.

Communication, Language and Literacy

 Next week we will continue to read ‘The Train Ride’. The children will be sequencing the story to be able to retell it to their friends and family. 

We will be using our trip on the train to Crystal Palace to talk about what we can see on the journey.
We will be taking pictures on our trip so when we return to school the children will be writing about what they saw. 
As we have completed all Phase 3 sounds we will now be revisiting them. This will ensure the children have a secure knowledge of all the letter sounds and that they are able to use them when reading AND writing.
At Home:  Encourage your child to write a sentence about what they can see at home, on the way to school, from the bus or from the tram.
I can see_________________. 
Reinforce using a capital letter at the beginning, fingers spaces between words and a full stop at the end.

Maths Development

Next week we will continue to use money to pay for items in our café and shop. 
We will be introducing the concept of division (sharing). 
For example: If there are 6 1p coins and I want to share them between 2 people. How many will they have each?
So 6 shared between 2 is 3. 

General Information

  • Please remember that it is our trip to Crystal Palace on Thursday 21stMarch. The children need to be in their School Uniform and dressed appropriately for the weather.  
  • The children will be carrying their own packed lunch so please bring in a rucksack for them to use. We will give them their packed lunch when they arrive at school. 
  • Reception will be presenting a Mother’s Day Liturgy on Tuesday 26thMarch at 9.30am. You are all welcome. We will be celebrating how special our Mummies are. 
  • Many thanks the Reception team