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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



14th June 2019

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


We will continue with the topic ‘Friends’. We will be discussing questions such as – ‘Is it good to have friends?’  ‘What does Jesus tell us about being friends?’   

We will be learning about the most important things that Jesus has taught us about loving one another.

Communication, Language and Literacy

The children have really enjoyed being pirates this week – making maps and writing instructions to find the treasure or finding out who stole our treasure.    

Next week we will be thinking about what lives under the sea. When we get back from the Sea Life Centre there will be a lot of discussions about what we saw and what we found out about sea life.  To link to Science Week we will be thinking about how to keep  sea animals safe by not using as much plastic and tell people not to throw it into our seas. 

AT HOME: Discuss with your child what animals live under the sea and make a list. Also talk to them about how we can protect our wildlife. 

Maths Development

The children have really grasped the concept of taking away. They have taken away 2 coins from a set of 10. 

We will continue this next week, we will also think about representing subtraction sums using pictures  and some children will begin to write these subtraction sums into number sentence.

At home: 

Give your child simple subtraction problems to work out. 

For Example:

The pirate has 6 hats but 2 fly away. How many hats does he have left? Or The pirate has 8 parrots but 3 fly away. How many parrots are left? 

You could use little things like Lego bricks or draw pictures to help them visualise the problems and solve it 

General Information

  • Our trip to the Sea Life Centre, Brighton is on Wednesday 19thJune. If you have not yet bought in the permission slip please bring it in on Monday. 
  • For the trip your child will need to be in their summer uniform, with a summer hat and a named back pack for their packed lunch. Please ensure your child has a healthy lunch – e.g, a sandwich, bottle of water and some fruit and as a treat a packet of crisps. They do not need lots of food as it goes to waste and they have to carry it. 
  • Please can you bring any empty egg boxes as we will be making treasure chests linked to our topic ‘Pirates’.

  • Many thanks the Reception team