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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

St. Mary's Junior School Newsletters

Newsletter 17                                                                                                                          Friday 21st January 2022


Dear Parents,

The rise in Coronavirus cases continues in Croydon and this has been reflected in our school this week. Thank-you to the families who continue to test children regularly as this picks up those who have the virus and show no symptoms. When people isolate it protects the vulnerable people in our community.


Changes to covid-19 regulations

On Wednesday the government announced that from Thursday 26th January the restrictions from the Plan B arrangements are to cease. As a school, we will review our risk assessment and decide on which changes are appropriate and inform you in the near future. For now, the advice from our risk assessment remains in place.


Parent / Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 9th February 2022

On Tuesday 18th January all families received instructions about how to book an online appointment with their class teachers. Please remember the following points when making a booking: firstly, click on the link that is in the e-mail or text that you received to make a booking. The booking system will close at 3.30pm on Friday 4th February.


Heroes Day

One of the qualities that we encourage the children to think about in the St Mary’s Way is aspirational. In February we would like to celebrate this with a Heroes Day. Your child received a letter about this on Wednesday. Heroes Day will be Thursday 11th February, when we will encourage children to come to school dressed as an inspirational person. Those taking part are asked to make a £2 voluntary donation.


Homework Club Collection

Please collect your children from the middle door at the front of the school from Monday 24th January. A door bell will be on the door to alert staff of your arrival. Please remember that if you arrive it may take sometime for the staff to bring your child to the exit. Please do not ring on the office buzzer when collecting from Homework Club.


The achievement certificates this week are awarded to Adya in 3A, Isaac in 3E, Eryk in 4D, Iviy in 4T, Prince in 5B, Ayaame in 5C, Gabrielle in 6G and Andre in 6P. The headteachers’ award goes to Erin in 4D.The swimmer award goes to Renee in 5B.


Have a restful weekend.

Yours faithfully,


A.J. McDonald

Head of School


Coronavirus – Advice for parents and families


If your child shows symptoms of coronavirus, arrange for a PCR test and isolate him or her until you receive

the result. If the PCR result is negative, the child can return to school.

If the result of the PCR test is positive, your child must stay at home and isolate for ten days from the day after symptoms first appeared.

Children and fully vaccinated adults can take lateral flow tests 24 hours apart on the six and seventh days of the isolation period. If both tests are negative, the child can return to school after day seven. If either lateral flow test is positive, you can continue to test your child each day until two days of negative lateral flow tests are negative, after which he or she can return to school.


Families are encouraged to use lateral flow tests to regularly monitor health and covid status, especially because lots of children do not show symptoms when they have covid. If when testing your child, he or she tests positive, do not take a PCR test to confirm. Instead, isolate and test on days six and seven to see if he or she is still covid positive. If the result on days six and seven is negative, your child can return to school. Continue to test up to day ten to see if there are two consecutive days of negative tests.

Your child can return to school after day ten if he or she is well and does not show symptoms.