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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

Newsletter - Year 1 

Friday 18th September 2020


Dear Parents / Carers

Your children have had a busy week learning all about their facial features, counting one more/ one less, shading in light and dark tones during art sessions and thinking about their families in R.E.  We look forward to another week of wonderful learning with them.

Book Bags - Monday & Friday

Next week we plan to start sending books home on a Monday and a Friday. The children will take them home in their hands, so please do not send book bags into school.

They will have a band book (pink/red/yellow) depending on their level which they will be able to read to you at home. They will also have a story book which you can read to them at bedtime. 
Please bring their books back to school on a Monday and Friday so we can quarantine them.


Home Learning 

Please watch this space as in the coming weeks we will be sending home 'Home Learning' books for English and Maths which the children will be able to complete together with you at home. The answers will be at the back of the book for you to check how they have done and see what they need to practise further.  Each Friday we will include in the newsletter the number of the pages we would like the children to complete over the weekend.


P.E Kits

Please continue to send your child into school wearing their P.E kits every Friday



We will continue to learn about our bodies.  Next week, the children will be learning about their five senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. We will be exploring the organs (skin, eyes, ears, nose and tongue) that help us to use these senses.  They will be feeling different objects, smelling and tasting different foods (sugar/ salt/ cocoa/ lemon) and listening and looking around their environment. 

At Home: Help your child to practise writing a sentence which includes the word 'have'.  Encourage them to remember to include a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces in between the words and a full stop at the end. E.g. 'I have a nose'.



This week, we have been counting one more and one less from a given number. Next week we will be learning the number bonds to 10 using Numicon. Number bonds are two numbers that when added together  make the same number. E.g Number bonds to 5 would be 2+3=5,  4+1=5, 1+4=5, 3+2=5, 5+0=5

Learning number bonds to 10 helps children to be able to calculate quickly. 

At home: Practise counting one more than a number and one less of a given number. Practise writing these maths signs + and - and =

E.g What is one more than 8?

What is one less than 9?




The children have been learning about families and how we can show love towards them.

This week we will be reading Psalms 28 and 63 from the Bible and will learn about their meanings.

At Home: Talk to your child about how God has shown he loves and cares for us by creating a beautiful world for us to live in.


 Reminder: PE will take place on Fridays in Year 1.  Parent/ carers are requested to send their child dressed in their school PE kit every Friday.  The school kit is; blue shorts, white t-shirt with school logo, black plimsolls.


Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team


Please check Fronter ( Family Room and Year 1 Classroom to find activities for your child to do online.  If Fronter is slow running and you have used all the activities in your pack, the downloadable activities at the bottom of this blog may prove useful. 

You may enjoy exploring these links, too. 

There are some beautiful stories on:    BBC i-player

The Book Trust have some great links and activities.

Topmarks also is useful for interactive games.

Visit for the learning videos and activities

General Information 

  • As you will have heard all schools will be closed from Monday 23rd March. You will have received your home learning packs. Please ensure you do a little bit everyday with your child.
  • Please continue to read with your  children everyday for at least 10 minutes and enjoy sharing a bed time story together.
  • You can look on our school website at for any other ideas and activities to print off at home.
  • Please remember that we have added some videos and some educational activities for you to use at home on the 'It's Learning' site.    Please use the username and password you were given to login in and have a look at our Year 1 Room.
  • We will add new learning when necessary.
  • AND - most importantly ensure you all stay healthy and safe. Keep washing your hands regularly and listen to any Government recommendations and advice.

Many thanks.

 Year 1 team