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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

17th January 2020

Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

Here is an outline of the learning we will be covering in the coming week.


We will continue with the topic ‘Special People’.  The children have been learning about special people at school and at home and now they will begin to learn about the parish family.  They will look at how the parish family gathers together to celebrate Mass in church on Sunday and how everyone in the church community helps to prepare for the celebration e.g. the Priest, people who hand out hymn books, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers’ readers, procession of the gifts of bread and wine, choir etc.

Home learning: At Mass on Sunday please make your child aware of the people who are helping with the  preparations to celebrate Mass.

English and Science

We will continue to focus on the features of non-fiction books.  This week the children will be writing facts and information about the four seasons of the year; what causes seasons and identifying differences and similarities between the seasons.  

The sound of the week is:  ‘ai’ e g., train, snail, rainbow. 

The word of the week is:  ‘once’ e.g.,  one nice clever elephant.

Home learning: Can your child tell you what season we are in? How do they know it is winter?  It is lovely to see how the children’s reading is developing and we appreciate the time you spend hearing your child read everyday.  Please continue to help your child to learn their weekly spellings.


This week the children will be creating a maths poster about themselves. 

They will be using their knowledge of number bonds to make a number sentence and completing addition problem adding one digit numbers.

Home Learning: Talk to your child about their full birth date, how many people are in their immediate family and how many teeth they have lost.  


Please ensure all Year 1 children have their full PE kit in school - t-shirt, blue shorts, plimsolls, as well as blue jogging bottoms and trainers and that their name is clearly written on all the items.

Thank you, once again, for your continued support.

Year 1 Team