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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

15th- 19th  July 2019

Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

Here is an outline of the learning we will be covering in the coming week.


We will be finishing our topic ‘Neighbours’. We will be talking about how to be a good neighbour. The children will be reminded that God loves us and that He made each one of us different with individual strengths and skills.

Home Learning:   Talk to your child about their strengths and skills and how can they use them to show that they are a good neighbour.

English and Science

This week we will be learning how to identify and classify animals using their characteristics. We will be focusing on carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and grouping the animals in to different categories using a Venn diagram.

We will be thinking of creative ways to improve the school environment.

Home Learning:

Can your child tell you an animal that is a carnivore and why? E.g. A lion is a carnivore because it eats meat. Can they write their sentence and correctly include capital letters and full stops. 

It is important that you continue to hear your child read everyday for ten minutes. Please encourage your child to learn their weekly spellings thoroughly.


This week the children will be using some of the skills they have learnt in Year 1 such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and RUCSAC and they will be applying them to solve word problems.

Home Learning:

Continue to help your child practice counting in twos, fives and tens forwards and backwards to 100 as well as addition and subtraction number bonds to twenty. Can your child recognise the pattern between addition and subtraction number bonds? E.g. 13+7=20, 7+13=20, 20-13=7, 20-7=13

General Informations

Please make sure to click on the below link to print if you require

Please make sure your child brings their school sun hat to school every day.
We have enjoyed teaching your children this year.  We wish you a very happy and restful summer break.

Thank you, for your continued support.

Year 1 Team