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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

12th- 16th March 2018
Dear Parents / Carers

R.E. Opportunities

In our new topic ‘Opportunities’, the children will learn about Jesus’ great act of love and the events of the first Holy Week and the glory of the first Easter. We are also trying to look out for opportunities to be more loving like Jesus in our everyday lives – helping without being asked, doing what we are asked without making a fuss, or playing with someone who is left out. Through these small acts of charity they will be making their hearts more loving and caring. The children will be looking out for these in others, and will acknowledge any caring acts of love they see each day.   

Home learning: We will begin with writing about Palm Sunday so in preparation for this, please read about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem together in your Bible.

The Easter Story

We will be writing the beginning of ‘The Easter Story.’ During this week we will write about  Palm Sunday.  

Home learning: We are looking at nouns and adjectives. Pages 104-105

A noun is a naming word (bus, girl, cat etc.). A good way to tell is that nouns can be preceded by ‘a’ or ‘the’. These are typically called common nouns.
Proper nouns name specific people or places, and always have a capital letter (e.g. London, Ben).

A noun phrase is a part pf a sentence that just mentions the noun
e.g. The cat sat on the wall.    The little puppy was cute.
An adjective describes a noun, and so gives detail about it.
e.g. The big, mean wolf ran through the forest.


This coming week we will continue to work on division, focusing on applying the skills we have to problem solve.  
For example: Two friends share 12 sweets equally between them. How many do they each get? Write this as a division calculation using ÷.
Biscuits come in packs (groups) of 5. Sally wants to buy 20 biscuits in total. How many packs will she need to buy? (Grouping of 20 into 5s is needed).
 Write this as a division calculation.
Home learning:  Pages 46 and 47.

Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.