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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

October Half-Term 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

The children have really worked hard this half term. We are so proud of them all. 


There is lots to support anyone who is struggling a little with this half term’s maths in the Maths Room. Follow the links to Place Value or to Addition and Subtraction. 

Also there are biographies of our famous Croydonians in the English Room – follow the link using We are Croydon. 

Thanks to all the children for the beautiful art work, too! I wonder if they have told you about the artist Ze Tubia, and what makes him so remarkable? Although he is not now a resident of Croydon he did spend time here a few years ago.   

Our Celebration Assembly

Our Stars of the Week are Agnieszka and Suri in St. Martin and all of St. Francis Class.   smiley 

RE: Signs and Symbols

The children should be able to tell you about the signs and symbols used in the Sacrament of Baptism, and the special words said by the priest, parents and Godparents.

Home learning: It has been wonderful to hear many of the children being able to talk about their Godparents, and explain why they were chosen for that special role, and how they help them to grow in love of Jesus and all God’s people. 


Holiday learningPages 22 and 23. This looks at compound words, and how we can use a part of a word to word out an unfamiliar word’s meaning.    


Holiday learningPages 98, 9, 100 and 101. This will reinforce the work we have done on data handling (answering questions about information).

The phrase that the children really need to look out for is How many more (or fewer) as this tells them they need to do a take away calculation.

e.g. Apples 10

       Bananas 7

       Oranges 4

How many more- children prefer apples10 than oranges4?     10 – 4 = 6

Have a wonderful half-term – the children are ready for a rest. Let’s hope the weather stays nice so everyone can get out to the park and enjoy some of the beautiful autumn colours.

May God bless you and all your loved ones.

The Year 2 Team