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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

20th – 24th January 2020
Dear Parents / Carers

RE: Books

This week we will be learning about the Gospels – how many there are and why these are such an important part of the Bible for us as Christians.

Home Learning: At Mass this weekend get your child to listen carefully to the Gospel. Can they tell you who the writer of the Gospel is and what important message does it give about Jesus? If they go to the Liturgy Group they should also be able to make a link between this story and their own life, as the Gospel is shared with the children at a level they can understand.

English, DT and Art

This week the children have focused on the characters in the Pixie and the Pudding and have drafted wonderful poems, written character profiles and made stick puppets.  The children will now plan their own versions of ‘The Pixie and the Pudding’ and write their story over the coming weeks.

Home learning:  Challenge 3 on Page 77. The homework this week is on completing poems.

   e.g.. The sun ……….. my face.               

     The children may use words such as     ‘shines on’  or  ‘warms’ 


We will start to explore multiplication next week, by looking at repeated addition of groups of items. The children will use pictorial representation of addition calculations and learn to keep the ‘running total’

e.g.   Gerda had four baskets of cherries. In each basket there were two cherries. How many cherries did she have altogether?

                 2     +     2     +    2      +   2    =    4 lots of 2 = 8

It is important the children learn to represent multiplication in all these ways, as the SATs often have questions that require the children to draw a pictorial representation of how a problem was solved.

Home Learning: Pages 32 and 33, which is about solving missing number problems.

The children need to count on to solve these problems, from the smallest to the biggest number.


We will be learning about different materials; naming and describing them, and suggesting why they are suitable for particular purposes.

The Year 2 Team.