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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

 20th– 24thMay 2019
Dear Parents / Carers

R.E. The Holy Spirit and Rules

The Holy Spirit: Although we have not yet celebrated the Feast of Pentecost we are still learning about The Holy Spirit, the effect the Holy Spirit had on the lives of Jesus’ Apostles and the Gifts of the Spirit that help us to live a good Christian life.

Rules: We will begin our new RE topic on ‘Rules’ and look at why rules are necessary at school, in the community and in the wider world for us all to live harmoniously together.    


This week we will continue to work on reasoning about number, and look at scales that are used in measuring (thermometer and weighing scales).

Home learning: Please complete pages 102 and 103 in the Maths book.  These pages are an opportunity to revise all that we have learnt.  


Topic - Space the Solar System

We will continue to look at the features of information books through the topic ‘Space’. Non-fiction books contain facts, as opposed to fiction - made up stories. The other features are:

Photographsand / or diagrams: often with labelson the cover and inside the book

Contents page to help you find specific chapters

Captions: give more information about photographs or diagrams

Index:An alphabetical list at the back of the book, more detailed than the Contents

Glossary:An alphabetical explanation of new vocabulary used in the book – a mini dictionary 

Home learning:  

Find some information books (maybe visit the library) and identify these features in each book.

Then please help your child to complete a fact sheet about one planet in our Solar System.   BBC Clips  


Spelling rule to be practised:  the ‘zh’ sound as in ‘usual’

General Information

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Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.