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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

18th - 22nd May 2020

We hope that you are all keeping well. 

R.E: Spread the Word

This week we will look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and consider how these guide and strengthen us to live our lives well as loving friends of Jesus. 

English and Topic: Space

Well done on the excellent work on space last week. Maybe enough interest has been sparked in our incredible Universe to encourage some children to want to study astronomy in the future, and achieve Mrs. Pears' unfulfilled dream of becoming an astronaut.

DT Challenge

This was done fantastically well - thank you to all the children and their apprentice helpers (mums and dads) who produced such creative design ideas. We loved seeing the photos of completed models, too. smiley


Please learn the spellings as usual and use the Look, Say, Cover, Write (saying the letter names), Check method.


The children are doing so well with typing their work - well done. Sometimes they are not using a capital for 'I' and are missing the space after commas and full stops. These are small errors, but good to correct from the start so they get into good habits.  


Next week we will be consolidating the children’s ability to multiply, and posting some additional more tricky challenges.

Celebrating Good News heart

Congratulations to the Arope family on the birth of baby Katherine. May she bring you all much joy. God bless her.  

 Keep safe. May God bless you and all your loved ones.

The Year 2 Team