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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

15 – 19th October 2018
Dear Parents / Carers

Here is a brief outline of the work we will be covering this coming week.

R.E., English Role Play and Art

The children will continue learning about Baptism as there are many Symbols that are associated with this Sacrament; The Church door, Holy Water, The Oil of Chrism, White robe and Baptismal candle.

Home learning: The Baptismal candle is particularly significant, so could you spend some time looking at your child’s Baptismal candle and talking about how the light of Christ shines through in us and the way in which we live our lives is a reflection of this.  

Look at the Baptismal Font and Paschal Candle when you go to Mass on Sunday.

See the source imageOctober the month of The Holy Rosary

A special devotion is made to Mary during October by saying The Rosary. 
The children have been honouring this prayer by coming to the hall to pray the Rosary which has been a beautiful time of peace and reflection. Please help your child to write a special prayer to Mary asking or thanking her for her prayers for us.


We have been adding on tens over the last few weeks, and counting forwards and backwards in 10’s from any given one- or two-digit number.  The home learning for this week consolidates this. 

Next week we will compare numbers, using the signs > and < to decide if a number is greater than > or less than < a given number. 
We will begin some work on data handling. 

Pages 18 and 19 in the Maths book. Hint – Challenge 3 is counting in steps of 3

General Information

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join St. Martin’s class for their assembly this week which was all about Saints. They did a wonderful job of explaining what a Saint is, and how we can endeavour to be little saints as we go about our daily lives. 

St Francis Class Assembly on Tuesday 16thOctober at 9.30am

Please click on the PDF below to view

Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.