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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

18th - 22ndMarch 2019
Dear Parents / Carers

R.E. English and Art

We will be learning about the events of Maundy Thursday, when Jesus shared the Last Supper with his apostles.  The children will write a recount of the events of that special day.  

Home learning:Please talk about your family’s Lenten promise, and help your child to see this as a way of making ourselves more like Jesus in all we do. 

English and Science

The children will focus on planting seeds this coming week, and learn what things seeds need in order to grow into healthy plants. Our writing will include a recount for RE, and lists and captions for science. 

Home learning: A very short comprehension ‘I Eat my Peas with Honey’. The author of this poem is unknown, which is indicated by Anon (short for anonymous). 

We would like the children to learn this little poem by heart.  


This coming week we will continue to work on fractions, and look at one-quarter of shapes and amounts. 
e.g. Colour one-quarter of these stars

Which of these shapes are divided into quarters?

Little Bo Peep had twelve sheep. She lost one-quarter of them. How many are left? 

Home learning:  Pages 48 - 49. 
These exercises focus on linking division and multiplication, and the fact that x 2 means double, and ÷ 2 means half. 

e.g. half of 18 is the same as 18 ÷ 2;   2 x 7 is the same as double 7

      and that three numbers can belong together in a number family, for example 2, 5, 10

                2 x 5 = 10         5 x 2 = 10     10 ÷ 5 = 2      and 10 ÷ 2 = 5

When multiplying, the answer is the biggest number, and when dividing you always need to start with the biggest number.                                              

General Information

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Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.