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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 3

Year 3 Spring 1


In grammar we will be looking at singular and plural and revising punctuation taught so far. We will be choosing nouns and pronouns appropriately, and thinking about cohesion and how to avoid repetition.

Our central text will be The Egyptian Cinderella and lots of our learning will be built around this book.


We will be looking at all standard measures including  centimetrescentimetres and litres and millitres. We will be working hard at number learning and mental arithmetic. We will also be looking at the properties of 2D shapes.


Our topics our Forces and Magnets and Light.


Our focus topic is Journeys. The children will continue their preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in their class lessons.


We are going to be having fun finding all about Ancient Egypt. This links to our PE lessons as well in which the children will be choreographing an Egyptian style dance.

How you can help your child:

  • Reading every day with your child and asking questions to check their understanding of the story.
  • Practising handwriting.
  • Practising times table.
  • Making sure their homework is completed and presented neatly.