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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 5

Year 5 Summer 2

Topic and Science

The main focus of our learning in the second part of the summer term is our growing gardens. We will be assessing how well our plants are growing, what is preventing healthy growth, and what we can do to help our plants to grow. We are going to have a new planter in the playground.


We will be thinking in particular about our 'non-negotiable' skills that we will need for Year 6, specifically linking ideas from one paragraph to another by using good connective words and time adverbs. We will also be practising writing for longer periods of time and getting ready for longer comprehension exercises.


We will be looking more closely at shape, angles and reflection and translation.


Our focus topic will be freedom and responsibility.

Class Assemblies:

  • 5V Thursday 10th May at 9.30am
  • 5C Thursday 14th June at 9.30am