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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 6 

Spring Term


Here is a list of the names of topics that the children will be learning about in the Spring Term.

There will be a parent / teacher interview evening on Wednesday 12th February. Parents will have the opportunity to book an appointment time using ParentPay.



Expectations and Sources


Light and Evolution

Geography & History

Rivers and Mountains


Scratch and Internet Safety and cyberbullying awareness

Art & DT

Monet and Landscapes and Sculpture


Extending knowledge of triad chords and Composition (The Waltz)


Fitness games and Athletics


Reading for understanding: it is important that children choose to read books that are quite demanding and that help to build knowledge and vocabulary. In order to help your child, it's a good idea to be with them when they choose a new book. If time allows, ask them about it regularly and make sure that they can explain the plot.

A good question is: can you think of another word for ........?

Children will be challenged in May on grammar knowledge. The school provides lots of support in this area and it is a good exercise for mums and dads to practise with the children.


Experience in recent years tells us that our Year 6 children do very well in arithmetic tests, and enjoy the satisfaction of getting full marks. However, many find reasoning questions really difficult. Once again, lots of examples will be sent home so that parents can support their children. High achievers in Maths can reach the correct solution to a problem but also say HOW they got to the answer and WHY they did it that way.

Year 6 SATs

The Year 6 national testing - commonly known as SATs - still seem a long way off, but time passes quickly in Year 6 and we are always aware that our children need the best and most thorough preparation. As a result we will be asking children to sit practice papers at various times and using them as a help to improving their techniques. It's also a nice way of making sure that the children are used to the process and comfortable with how to approach the tests in May.

How you can help your child:

Encourage your child to read frequently and help them to choose books that demonstrate good language structures and vocabulary.

There are some beautiful stories here    BBC i-player

The Book Trust also has some great links and activities.

Topmarks also is useful.