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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


8th February 2019

Nursery Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers
of Nursery Children


Next week we will continue the topic ‘Gathering’.  We will be talking about the activities we do together with our friends at Nursery.  

Communication, Language and Literacy

We will continue to focus on the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will be reading the story, acting it out using props and stick puppets that the children will make.
We will be sharing different versions of the story.

Maths Development

We will continue to count and recognise numbers up to 5.

Image result for 1 2 3 4 5

Next week we will be learning about the value of 5. We will be looking for different ways to make 5.

Next week we will continue to learn about the difference between things that are tall and short or big and small.      

General Information

*    If you have any old cardboard boxes of any size or egg boxes at home we would be very grateful if you could donate them to us for the children to use to make models.  Thank you.

*    Please ensure your child brings a bottle of water with their name on so they have access to drinking water throughout the Nursery day. Thank you.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask any of the Nursery staff. Thank you for your support.
Miss Fuller and the Nursery Team.