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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


29th March 2019

Nursery Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers
of Nursery Children


Next week we will continue with the topic ‘Growing. We will try to grow in love by being kind to our friends and family and by keeping our Lenten promises.  

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week we will continue to read the story ‘The Train Ride.’ 

We will be going on a trip on the tram to Wandle Park on Wednesday 3rdApril 2019. The children will be looking to see what they can see from the tram and in the park.
We will be listening for the rhyming words in the stories we share in Nursery. 

Maths Development

We will continue to work with numbers 1 to 5. The children will be finding one more and one less.   We will be encouraging the children to say how many they have altogether once they have found one more and how many they have left when they have taken one away.


Ask your child to take one away from a group of 5 objects e.g Please give me one train. How many are left?     

General Information

We will be going on our trip to Wandle Park on Wednesday 3rdApril 2019. Please return your permission slips on Monday. We would be very grateful for anyone who can come along on the outing to help. Thank you.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask any of the Nursery staff. Thank you for your support.
Miss Fuller and the Nursery Team.