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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



22nd MARCH 2019

Dear Reception Parents and Carers,


Next week we will be learning how we can be more like Jesus during Lent.  Each day we will try really hard to share with one another, listen to each other, help others and be kind and respectful to all our friends and family. 

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week will be the last week before the Easter Holidays therefore most of our learning will be based around the Easter Story. We will be focusing on Good Friday

Thursday 4thApril will be RE day. The children will be visiting different classrooms to experience different aspects of the Easter Story. 
The children have been using their knowledge of the sounds and the tricky words they have learnt to write simple sentences. Some children have been making ‘I can’ books. E.g. ‘I can see a fish.’ ‘I can run.’ Some children have been learning about the words we use to ask questions. They have been identifying the correct word and thinking of their own questions. 

Maths Development

Next week we will be introducing the children to weight. They will be using the vocabulary heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest, balance and estimate.

 The children will be using balance scales and comparing items and identifying which is the heaviest and lightest. They will be estimating which items they think will be the heaviest and the lightest.  

The children will have the opportunity to use kitchen scales to weigh the ingredients needed to make chocolate Easter nests. 

At home: If you have kitchen scales at home encourage your child to weigh ingredients.  Compare items when they pick them up and say which is heavier and which is lighter.  

General Information

  • Thank you all for attending our Mother’s Day Liturgy.  The children were really delighted to see their Mummies’ Daddies’ and grandparents taking part. 
  • It is our class photographs on Tuesday 2ndApril. Please make sure your child is wearing the correct school uniform. 
  • We wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope you have a lovely break from school. We look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 23rd March raring to go for our last term in Reception. 

  • Many thanks the Reception team