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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


18th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Some of the children have had a great first week in Reception! They have settled well into their new classes, made new friends, met their new teachers and stayed for lunch. 

Well done everyone!


We have started the topic ‘Myself.’ The children will learn about God’s love for each person and that we are all unique. We will be talking about all the people in our lives who love and care for us.

Communication, Language and literacy

We will be using the story ‘Pete the Cat- Rocking in my School Shoes’ as a starting point for our learning this half term. The story is about a cat starting school, so children will be talking about their time at school and comparing their school routine with Pete the Cat's routine. They will be listening to and joining in with the repetitions throughout the story and identifying the rhyming words. We will also be asking the children to  identify the characters and settings in the stories we read and talking about how a story is structured.

At home

When sharing a story with your child- ask them who the character are and where they think the story is set.

Once you have finished the story ask them to remember what happened at the beginning and the end of the story.


In phonics we will be focussing on the initial / beginning sounds of the words and asking questions such as:

  • Can you tell me the beginning sound for spoon?
  • What does the word apple begin with?
  • Can you find the object that begins with ‘t’.

At home

You can play games like ‘I spy’ and use similar questions at home to help your child to think about the initial sounds of different things.


This half term we will be focusing on the numbers 1-5.  We will be asking the children to:

  • Count sets of objects.
  • Recognise the numbers 1-5.
  • Match the correct number of objects in a set to the numeral.

 We will be checking the children’s understanding of more than and less than.

At home:

Ask your child to count a set of objects and to find a certain number of objects for you. For example. Can you give me 5 spoons?

General information:

  • On Friday your child will go home with a name card which is written in the school’s handwriting script.  Please help your child to practice writing their name every day.  Please make sure they are writing in the school script and NOT capital letters.
  • Our P.E. day is Tuesday. Please make sure that your child is dressed in their PE kits. The children will not need to get changed into their school uniform, as they will stay in their PE kits for the whole day.
  • We have a No Jewellery policy in our school, so if your child wears earrings please make sure you remove them.
  • Please encourage your children to use a knife and fork independently for eating as this will help them during lunch-time at school.
  • Can we also remind you that we are nut free school. Please do not put any type of nuts in your child's pack lunch. We have some children in the school with severe allergies.  And can we remind you that if you do send your child in with a packed lunch that it is healthy. We pride ourselves on being a healthy school and would like to see the pack lunches reflect this. Children should have at least a piece of fruit or vegetable in their lunch.
  • Please remember your time slots for dropping off in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. We are trying to have as few parents as possible in our playgrounds to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • All the newsletters and announcements will be posted on the school's website and in Fronter, so please make sure you have your log-in details and you log into Fronter regularly. If your log in details don't work let us know so we can sort out the issue.

Many thanks the Early Years team