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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

1st– 5thApril 2019

Year 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

Here is an outline of the learning we will be covering in the coming week


This week we are continuing with the topic ‘Change’. The children will be learning about some of the events of Holy Week. The children have created their 3D models of each scene and are now using the models to rewrite the events of the Easter story in their books. This week they will learn about what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ crucifixion and His resurrection. 

Home Learning: Talk to your child about the Easter story, can they retell the events in order.

English and Science

This week the children will be identifying different wild and garden plants that grow locally.  

Sound of the week: ‘er’  e.g. teacher, her and flower.

Word of the week: ‘friend  ’e.g.‘ fourrealinsectsexistnextdoor’              

Home Learning:Can your child identify wild and garden plants on their walk to school. E.g. Dandelions and brambles as wild plants and crocuses and roses which are planted in gardens.  Please help your child to learn the weekly spellings thoroughly. They should be able to read, write and spell them without adult help. To help your child to continue to progress in their reading please read with them every day.


This week the children will be learning about ‘length’ and height. They will be using non-standard units such as their hands to measure and standard units of measure using a ruler to measure different objects. They will be using their knowledge to solve simple one step word problems.

Home Learning:Please help your child to measure different objects around the house using their hands such as books or their book bags. 

General Informations

Thank you, for your continued support.

Year 1 Team