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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

11th – 14thFebruary 2019
Dear Parents / Carers

R.E. Thanksgiving

the Mass celebrates the gift of Jesus giving his life for us all. 

Home Learning: Encourage your child to listen carefully for the words that the priest says as he consecrates the bread and wine during the Mass.  These are the same words that Jesus used during the first celebration of the Eucharist at the Last Supper. 

The Wind in the Willows

We are aiming to write a book blurb to go on the back cover of the children’s stories. If you get the chance over the weekend when you are reading with your child, can you read the book blurb together and discuss what clues it gives about the book. 

The children will be editing their writing with their teacher, just as an adult author does, to make it more effective. 

Home learning:  The children have a comprehension to complete. This builds on learning we have been doing on algorithms (programs that computers execute in order to work) using directions left and right.  

Please help your child to read the questions carefully. This week when working on a comprehension about volcanoes the children struggled to read the questions carefully, despite having had both the text and questions read to them, new vocabulary explained and discussed.  


This week we will work with money. In particular, we will be looking at the equivalence of coins, and finding different ways to make a given amount of money.  

Home learning: Can the children explore coins, and perhaps help pay for something that costs less than £1.00. It would benefit the children to play with coins at home (real ones, not toy money), and start to recognise the 10p is equivalent to ten 1p coins, five 2p coins, two 5p coins and other combinations using 1p, 2p and 5p coins. Once they are secure in equivalence of 10p they can quickly build on this. 

Pages 42 and 43.  This looks at multiplication and times tables.

For challenge 3 the children need to give the reverse calculation. 

So, for example    4 x 5 = 20    The reverse calculation is 5 x 4 = 20  

General Information

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Many thanks

The Year 2 Team.