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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Newsletter 31                                                                                                                       Friday 17th May 2024

Dear Parents,

Mid-May can be a busy and nervous time for families as it is the time for national testing in schools. Many of you will have older children taking GCSEs at the moment. For our Year 6 children, it has been the week of their end of Key Stage testing.

KS2 ‘SATs’

Congratulations to our Year 6 children who completed their tests this week. They were tested from Monday to Thursday in the school hall. The teachers are extremely proud of the calm and mature way that the children undertook the tests. In total they were examined six times. They now look forward to a half term of very different learning.

Year 6 residential visit to Marchants Hill, Hindhead

Our preparations are now in place for the majority of the Year 6 children to travel into the countryside next week. The children from 6P will be leaving on Monday and returning on Wednesday afternoon, and the children from 6G will be away from Wednesday to Friday. The children are very much looking forward to their time in a completely different environment.

I hope to be able to spend some time with the children next week. In my absence, please address any enquiries directly to the School Office.

Sporting events

Tomorrow (Saturday 18th May) our Netball and Football teams will be representing us at Margaret Roper School in Purley. The morning is always lots of fun and played in a great spirit. If your child is taking part, please make sure you arrive in plenty of time as parking is an issue. Registration for both sports is 8.45am.

Next Wednesday it is the turn of our swimmers to make us proud when they compete at Trinity School in the Catholic Schools’ Gala.

Swimming notification

If your child is unable to swim, please send a note to the school to explain the medical reason why he or she is unable to take part for the first week. If there is a persistent issue which means that your child cannot swim for two weeks or longer, we ask for a note from your GP to explain the issue.

Assemblies and Liturgies

Because the school has been in use for the KS2 testing, there was no liturgy this week. Instead, children have been practising their prayers for Catholic Mission in their class groups. Next week we will share with you a timetable for after the half term holiday.


We have placed a new noticeboard at the entrance to the school where this newsletter and other important documents will be displayed from now on. Whilst most of us have embraced digital communication, we recognise that sometimes a physical copy of the news is important, too.

Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week are awarded to Gemma in 3A, Godwin in 3E, Afia and Jayden in 4D, Eliora in 4T, Eilam in 5B, Osanna in 5C and all of our studious Year 6 children. The Head of School’s award goes Miss Attwell and Mrs Adebola for their great work in preparing the Year 6 children. The swimmer of the week is Emma in 4D.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew McDonald

Head of School

Health Advice for parents


The World Health Organisation now considers the covid pandemic to not be a global health emergency. For advice and support if you suspect someone has covid, please visit:

When using a test, check that it is a recent one that is set up to detect new strains of the virus.


Group A Strep (streptococci)

Scarlet fever is usually a mild illness, but it is highly infectious. Look out for symptoms in your child, which include a sore throat, headache, and fever, along with a fine, pinkish or red body rash with a sandpapery feel. On darker skin the rash can be more difficult to detect visually but will have a sandpapery feel. Children with these symptoms should not attend school.