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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


  St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Friday 3rd April 2020

Dear St Mary’s Families,

I hope you are all continuing to keep safe and well.

I thought today I would talk to you about online learning.

There seems to be a lot of stressed parents in the world at the moment, trying frantically to get their children to do home learning. In fact I was talking to a close relative last night about the excessive amount of work her teenage child is receiving from school.

This strange and very scary predicament that we find ourselves currently in is new and unknown to us all and we are all trying to do the best we can. For us at St Mary’s the most important thing is that you all stay safe and we do not want to give you any unnecessary stress.

We have posted lots of learning online on the website and Fronter but how you use it is up to you during this very difficult time. Your children will not ‘unlearn’ anything. They are all young with brains like sponges and when they return to school, although they may be a bit ‘rusty’ with some of their learning, we will help them to get back on track. 

If they do some reading, writing and maths everyday then that would be great but please do not upset yourselves or your children by getting into stressful arguments. Learning should be fun and if they would prefer to be making things, dancing, singing, writing songs, making books, drawing, even playing on those dreaded computer games that we all moan about, then let them (although please be careful to monitor if they are going online and using interactive sites). They will still be thinking and problem solving and these things will all help to keep their brains ticking over.

We have put some suggested timetables on both the Junior and Infant Fronter sites but these are put there as a guide. Only you really know what is best for your family at the moment. The important thing is that we can all get back together safe and well when this is over.   

If you need to contact us for anything, please email:

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all.

Miss O’Callaghan




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