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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


                                                              St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools Trust

                                                                        23rd October 2020

Dear St Mary’s Families,

Here we are at the end of the first half term of the school year and what a strange one it has been. Almost everything we normally do has had to change and I am sorry that all our Nursery, Reception and new families throughout the schools have not been able to see us as we normally are. But I am grateful that we have managed to keep all the classes open and our children safe and learning.

We have also managed to ensure that you have had the opportunity to talk to your children’s class teachers and we have even managed to think of others and collect food for a local foodbank. Your generosity is amazing, thank you again. I will be delivering the food to the food bank today.

Please take a look at our Harvest Assembles which we have posted for you on our Fronter sites. There is one on the Junior front page and the Infant family room.

As you know the school will be closed for half term until Tuesday 3rd November (this includes a staff training day on Monday).

Below are the dates for the rest of the year and the dates for 2021-2022.

Inset day – Monday 2nd November 2020

School Opens: Tuesday 3rd November 2020

School Closes: Friday 18th December 2020


School Opens:  Monday 4th January 2021

School Closes: Thursday 11th February 2021

Inset Day: Friday 12th February 2021

Half Term: Monday 15th February 2021 – Friday 19th February 2021

School Opens: Monday 22nd February 2021

School Closes: Wednesday 31st March 2021

Easter Sunday 4th April 2021


Inset Day: Monday 19th April 2021

School Opens: Tuesday 20th April 2021

School Closes – Friday 28th May 2021

May Day Bank Holiday – Monday 3rd May 2021

 Half Term: Monday 31st May 2021 – Friday 4th June 2021

 School Opens:  Monday 7th June 2021

School Closes:  Friday 23rd July 2021

I wish you all a happy, peaceful and safe half term break and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd November.

May God bless you all,

Miss O’Callaghan

Executive Headteacher 


Inset day - Friday 3rd September 2021

School Opens: Monday 6th September 2021

School Closes: Friday 22nd October 2021

Half Term:  Monday 25th October 2021 – Friday 29th October 2021

Inset day – Monday 1st November 2021

School Opens: Tuesday 2nd November 2021

School Closes: Friday 17th December 2021


Inset Day:  Monday 3rd January 2022

School Opens:  Tuesday 4th January 2022

School Closes: Thursday 10th February 2022

Inset Day: Friday 11th February 2022

Half Term: Monday 14th February 2022 – Friday 18th February 2022

School Opens: Monday 21st February 2022

School Closes: Friday 1st April 2022

Easter Sunday 17th April 2022


School Opens: Tuesday 19th April 2022

School Closes – Thursday 26th May 2022

May Day Bank Holiday – Monday 2nd May 2022

Inset Day: Friday 27th May 2022

Half Term: Monday 30th May 2022 – Friday 3rd June 2022

School Opens:  Monday 6th June 2022

School Closes:  Thursday 21st July 2022