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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Friday 13th May 2022

Nursery Newsletter

It has been another fun week in Nursery.  The children have all been busy doing activities to get ready for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 


 This week we have finished our topic 'Good News'.  We recapped what we understand about 'Good News' and talked about what we remembered about the story of Pentecost.

Next week we will be starting our new topic 'Friends'. 


This week we have been learning about the number 4.  The children have been learning that 4 objects are still the same amount even if they are presented in different ways or positions.  Next week we will be looking at Shape.  We will be learning the names of the shapes and looking at their sides and corners.  We will count to see how many corners and sides each shape has. 

At home:  Ask your child to find four toys to show you.  Encourage them to count a set of 4 objects by touching each one as they say the number.  Encourage your child to watch Number Blocks 4 - click the link below to watch the Number Blocks programmes.  You can also look for different shapes when you're at home or out and about


We will continue with our story 'Tea with the Queen. Squishy McFluff the Invisible Cat.'  This story is part of our Queen's Platinum Jubilee topic.  This week we have been learning that the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.  We have been learning about whom the Queen is and what she does.  Next week we will continue to learn about the Queen as we do activities for our school Jubilee celebrations. 

General Information

If you have any of our Nursery spare uniform at home can you please return them to us.  Thank you. 



Thank you so much for all your support,
Miss Fuller and the Nursery Team.