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Nursery  Newsletter

21st June 2024

Dear parents/carers,

It's been another busy week full of learning in Nursery! We now have cocoons in Nursey which has been a source of great excitement for the children.  The children are checking each day to see if we have any butterflies. It will be a few days yet but hopefully we will have some beautiful butterflies soon.    

Religious Education


We have now finished our ‘Friends’ topic. Next week we will be learning about another faith. We will be learning about the Jewish faith ‘Judaism’. The children will learn about the customs, stories and celebrations connected to the faith and do activities to support this.  


Cassel Crew: Fun Friday: A Matter of LettersPhonic

Our initial sound will be ‘qu’. The children will be learning to say the sound and looking at objects and pictures that start with the sound ‘qu’ e.g. Queen, quack(duck). We will be playing ‘what’s in the box?’ to support this.  

Home Learning:

Have a look at home or when you are out and about to see if you can find things that begin with ‘qu’. Maybe you can play ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘Qu’. ‘

Children Reading Books Pictures - Cliparts.coCommunication, Language and Literacy

We will be continuing to read the story ‘I Love Animals.’ Which fits in with our visit to the Farm. We will also be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar and some books about Minibeasts as the children are looking after the cocoons and hopefully very soon there will be butterflies in Nursery. There are minibeasts in the garden that the children are very excited to see.

Home Learning:

Here is a link to the story of ‘I Love Animals’ to share at home.

This is also a link to the story of ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar.’



26+ Clipart Of Numbers ... Numbers Clipart | ClipartLookMaths


Next week children will be thinking about ‘more and less’

They will be comparing amounts of objects and saying which has ‘more than’ or ‘fewer than’. We will do this through activities in our learning groups using different types of objects. We will also continue to explore numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 in our learning and play activities.

Home learning:

If you have 2 quantities of objects ask your child which is more and which is less.  See if they can count the objects.


Reminders: Please ensure your child brings a school sunhat with their name inside when it is a sunny day. Thank you. St Mary’s Sports day is on Tuesday 25th June at 11.30am-12.00 for NURSERY AM and FULLTIME children and from 2pm-3pm for the children who are in NURSERY PM. We hope you can come to support your children and cheer them on.

Thank you for your support, Miss Fuller and the Nursery team.