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Nursery  Newsletter

Dear parents/carers,

It's been a very exciting week in Nursery! We now have 14 baby chicks for the children to help look after. We have been so lucky as we have been able to see a number of the chick’s hatch from their eggs during the day, It has been a wonderful experience for the children to see.  They have settled in to their new home and the children are enjoying being able to watch and help take care of the chicks. They will be with us until the day we break up for half term. They will then go to live on a Farm. 

Religious Education

We have been continuing our topic ‘Friends’. The children have been talking about what a friend is and how they can be a friend to Jesus too. We have been learning that Jesus had friends and is our friend in Heaven too. We have been thinking about how we can be a friend to Jesus too. Next week we will be learning about what Jesus tells us about being friends and how we can follow Jesus’ example.



Our initial sound will be ‘Z’. The children will be learning to say the sound and looking at objects and pictures that start with the sound ‘Z’ e.g. Zoo, zip, zoom. We will be playing ‘what’s in the box?’ to support this.  

Home Learning:

Have a look at home or when you are out and about to see if you can find things that begin with ‘Z’. Maybe you can play ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘Z’. ‘

Communication, Language and Literacy

We will continue to read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as part of our minibeast topic. We will be discovering other minibeasts and looking for them in the Nursery garden. We will also be reading some books about Chicks now we have our 14 chicks. We will also continue to read Dora’s Eggs as the children are enjoying the story.

Home Learning:

Here is a link to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to share at home.

This is the link to the story of ‘Dora’s Eggs.’



Next week children will be exposed to the numeral 5. They will be continuing to count out a set of 5 objects and we will be trying to recognise different amounts from 1 to 5 without counting. We are also learning about the properties of shapes. The children will investigate shapes and talk about if the sides are straight or round. They will also think about how many corners or sides they have. 

Home Learning:  Ask your child to collect for you 5 or 3 objects. Can they count them? Can they take one away?

Can your child tell you the shapes of things they see when you ae out and about e.g. shapes of road signs.  

Reminders: Please ensure your child brings a school sunhat when it is a sunny day. Thank you.

Thank you for your support, Miss Fuller and the Nursery team.