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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Friday 21st January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers  


Next we will continue our topic 'Celebrating'. The children will be asked to recall the story of Simeon and Anna. They will recall what Simeon and Anna said to Jesus and then think about what they would say to Baby Jesus if they met him in the temple.


Next week we will be introducing  the sounds l, ll and ss (l as in lip, look and like ll as in ill, bell and fell,  ss as in cross, grass and kiss). We will be practising writing each letter in the school script and will be writing words with these sounds. (see fronter on how to form the letters in our school script). We will be introducing the 'tricky words' they, me and so next week

At home: Practice reading and writing the sounds h,b,f,ff. You also now have the new little paper books we have given you to practice reading words and sentences containing the sound we have learnt that day / week.


Next week we will be using the list of zoo animals we made to write our own class versions of 'Dear Zoo'.  We will be using the tricky words ('they, 'me' and 'so') we have learnt in phonics to write the sentence - So they sent me a______. We will be reminding the children that sentences start with a capital letter, they have finger spaces between each word and they end with a full stop/


At home: Practice writing simple sentences with your child. For example, use a picture of a cat sitting on a mat and your child can write- The cat sat on the mat.


Next week we will be working on comparing objects to see which is heavier and lighter. Across the week they will be using the vocabulary heavy, light, heaviest, lightest, heavier, lighter.  We will be using balance scales for the children to compare the weight of two objects.

At home: Encourage your children to use the vocabulary we will be teaching them. When they pick up their toys ask the if it feels heavy or light. Ask them to pick up two objects and compare them. Which is the heaviest? Which is the lightest?

General information

  • Please can you teach your children how to zip up their coats. This is an important skill for them to learn and it will also save us zipping up 30 coats every time they go outside! Thank you.
  • We will be sending a list of rainbow words home with your child when they are ready. These words are part of the 100 high frequency words that all children must learn how to read and write by end of year 1. Once your children can read and write the first 6 words they can move on to the next level. Once they have completed all the colours of the rainbow there will be a little bit of gold waiting for them! 
  • Remember to check fronter each week as we do put some learning ideas there for you.

Many thanks the Reception team