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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust



Reception Newsletter                                                                                    Friday 1st December 2023



RE  Communication, Language and Literacy Children Reading Books Pictures -


This week we will be combining RE and Literacy together. We will be thinking about the Christmas Story. The children will spend the week hearing the story, re-telling it, ordering it and eventually writing a small part of it. We are also busy practising for our nativity play.

                At Home: Please look for the Advent Wreath in church this week and talk about what you can see.  


Phonics Cassel Crew: Fun Friday: A Matter of Letters


We will continue to revisit all the new sounds the children have been learning this half term! They will be orally saying and reading a range of different words containing these.

At home: Please watch the video

Practise reading some simple words using the sounds we have already learnt, for example, cat, can, van, pink, dog etc



Maths  26+ Clipart Of Numbers ... Numbers Clipart | ClipartLook

In Maths, the children will be continuing to focus on the numbers four and five. This week they will be thinking about one more and one less with these numbers. They will know where these numbers come on a number line and what happens when we add one more or take away one.


At Home:

Talk with your child about numbers 1 – 5. Can they say how they know where the number comes, for example, I know 5 is one more than 4.’


  • St Andrew Nativity – Tuesday 12th December at 9.30am
  • St George Nativity – Tuesday 12th December at 2pm
  • If you have been asked to bring in a costume for our nativity please can you bring it in, in a named carrier bag. We need these ASAP
  • If your child has been given words to learn for the play, please can you practise them at home.

We would love to invite you into our classes on Tuesday 19th December at 2pm to make a Christingle with your child. More details to follow soon.