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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Reception Newsletter


Dear parents/carers,

Welcome to our last newsletter for this half-term. We have a comparatively shorter week next week as our last day for school is on Thursday. Nevertheless; with ‘St Mary’s Liturgy and Feast Day’ and the picnic at the school, those days are packed with many exciting and amazing events and learning for children AND adults to look forward to!

Religious Education

Religious Education: It is a very special week for us at St Mary’s school as we celebrate the St Mary’s Feast Day on Thursday the 23rd of May, children will be writing a thoughtful prayer to Mother Mary for their learning which then will be compiled into a beautiful book of prayers to be offered to Our Mary on the Feast Day. We are looking forward to see parent/carers joining their children during Our Feast Day Liturgy followed by fun picnic in the playground.


In the world of phonics, this week during phonics the children have been learning to read words longer words that end in ‘ed, ing, est’.  Using the’ chuck it up’ method the children are able to read these longer words.

Home Learning Task:

Next week we will be assessing the children with their phonics please practice these sight words below.  Your child can learn by playing the sight word 'run' game. Simply write the words on cards and ask your child to run to the word, keeping learning fun and stimulating.

Literacy: Communication and Language

In Literacy, our young adventurers channelled their newfound pirate spirit into their literacy activities. They imagined the essential items needed for a successful pirate adventure and crafted imaginative lists to guide them on their quests. As a follow-up to our trip, they reflected on their favourite moments from The Golden Hinde, capturing their adventures in vivid sentences that transported us back to the deck of the legendary ship.

Home Learning Task: Encourage your child to continue their pirate-themed adventures at home by creating a story or drawing inspired by their trip to The Golden Hinde. They can use their imagination to recount their favourite moments or invent new adventures on the high seas.


In Maths, our little mathematicians will be consolidating their understanding and fluency with counting and finding number bonds to 5 and 10. There will be various activities and opportunities for children to practice these skills.

Home Learning Task: At Home, please continue to get children more confident and fluent with their numeracy skills by counting numbers and their addition skills at home by playing simple games that involve adding more than one item. Whether it's counting toys or adding ingredients in the kitchen, this activity reinforces their understanding of addition in a fun and interactive way. Apply the similar strategy to practice subtracting (taking away) number of items from a big group and checking how many are left.


Warm regards,

Mr A Francois Williams, Mrs Javari and Ms Peckham