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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Friday 18th June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers 


Next week we will begin a new topic ‘Our World’.  In order to develop an appreciation of our beautiful world we will talk with the children about what makes the world so wonderful.  We will help them to understand that the world is God’s creation, and that it is something precious that we need to care for.

Communication, Language and Literacy

We will start an exciting new topic next week -  Water and Pirates!  We will introduce the learning by reading the story  'Pirates Love Underpants'.  The children will be making maps and writing instructions on how to find the treasure.  We will be describing what the pirate from the story looks like.  The children will be using their phonic knowledge to write a sentence with the correct punctuation and then checking to make sure they have written a ‘golden sentence’. 
AT HOME: Discuss with your child what ‘treasure’ is important to you and why - for example, the ring my grandmother gave me is very special.


Next week our focus will be reading and writing sentences.  The children will be reading sentences and matching them to the correct pictures and using Phase 3 sounds to create their own sentences for writing.
 HOME: Find a simple picture and write a simple sentence about what your child can see in the picture. 'I can see .........'                      Encourage your child to improve their sentence by adding an adjective to describe what they can see, or they can describe what is happening in the picture - 'The fish is swimming next to the shark. 


Next week we will continue learning about halving and sharing.  The children will be sharing a set of objects between 2 or 3 people to solve simple problems - for example: the pirate has 6 coins and shares them with a friend.  How many coins do they have each? Or -the parrot has 9 nuts and shares them with 2 of his friends. How many nuts will they have each?
AT HOME: Share apples, bananas or sweets between you and your child.  Ask them how many you have each. Remind them that sharing means that each person has to have the same amount to make it equal and fair.

If you would like to see our Father's Day video please look on FRONTER.

General Information 

  • As the weather is getting warmer, please make sure your child has a named SCHOOL sun hat with them every day and a bottle of water — they can be kept in their lockers.
  • Could you please make sure that you put your child's name on their uniform and all their belongings? We have a lot of missing swimming swimsuits, hats and goggles already.
  • Book bag days are Mondays and Fridays.  Please make sure your child brings their book bag to school on those days, so we can provide them with new books.