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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Friday 13th May 2022

Dear Parents and Carers  


We will continue to learn about the feast of Pentecost and understand that as Catholics we go to church to celebrate the ‘Good News’.


Next week, we will introduce the children to the sounds er and ure.  The children will learn that trigraphs are three letters that make one sound and digraphs are two letters that make one sound.

ure as in pure, sure, manure

er as in better, letter, singer

We will continue to learn the 'tricky words' come and some this week.  We will reinforce that tricky words can not be sounded out, they have to be learned.  We will be writing sentences using these tricky words.

At home: Please practice the formation of the letters we have learnt so far.  Please remember that digraphs and trigraphs are always joined.


As part of the Jubilee celebrations and learning about the Queen, the children will be thinking about what they would say to the Queen if they met her.  In our topic book,  'Squishy McFluff - Tea with The Queen'  the character Ava meets the Queen for has tea.  The children in Reception will be using their phonic knowledge to put their thoughts into writing and express what they would do if they met the Queen.  The children will be finishing their quilt-squares - they will be transferring their designs from paper to cloth, then they will be sewn together for each class's Jubilee quilt.

At Home: Talk to your child about the Queen and have a conversation about what they could tell the Queen if they met her.


Next week the children will be introduced to the concept of 'taking away'.  The children will be singing nursery rhymes such as 'Ten Green Bottles, 10 Little Ducks and 10 Currant Buns'.  he children will be using ten frames and dice to take away a set of objects. We will be reinforcing the mathematical language of 'taking away'and we will be demonstrating subtraction number sentences.

At home: Count backwards from 20 to identify the number that comes before.  Play with your child a take away game with simple objects or fruit from home. Make a set of objects and take some away.  How many are left?

General Information

  • Now that the weather is sunny and hot please ensure that your child brings in school a bottle of water and a LABELLED school hat.

  • Please teach your child how to dry themselves when they come out of the shower.  The children have found it difficult to dry themselves when they come out of the swimming pool.

Many thanks the Reception team