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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

School Uniform 

Your school uniform can be purchased at Hewitts of Croydon

You can shop St Mary's Primary School uniform online by visiting the Hewitts Website here.

Hewitts Contact Information

Address: 45 - 51 Church Street, Croydon, CR9 1QQ

Telephone: 0208 680 4555 / 0208 688 1830



Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 09.30am - 18.00pm

Reception and KS1

  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
  • Pale blue polo shirt 
  • Grey or navy trousers (bootleg for girls)
  • Navy pleated skirt or tunic for girls
  • Grey shorts for boys (summer)
  • Blue check summer dress for girls (summer)
  • Socks – grey, white or navy
  • Tights – navy
  • Royal blue ski hat 
  • Royal blue sunhat 
  • Royal blue fleece jacket (reversible) with logo or black or navy coat
  • Royal blue fleece scarf 
  • Royal blue book bag with logo
  • Black or navy shoes (no trainers)
  • Dark coat (black, dark blue or dark grey)

PE Kit Summer:

  • Royal blue gym shorts
  • White gym vest with logo
  • Black slip on gym shoes


  • Navy track suit
  • Royal blue swim bag with logo
  • Navy swimming trunks or costume


  • Royal blue sweatshirt with logo
  • White polo shirt with logo
  • Navy jogging trousers
  • Royal blue book bag with logo
  • Royal blue reversible jacket or black or navy coat.
  • Royal blue summer cap with logo
  • Royal blue ski cap with logo
  • Royal blue scarf with logo


  • Girls / Boys

    Gold Polo Shirt with badge Gold Polo Shirt with badge

    Navy Sweatshirt with badge Navy Sweatshirt with badge

    Navy Kilt or Navy Trousers Navy Trousers or Navy shorts

    Navy Socks or Navy Tights Navy Socks

    Black Shoes (no boots or trainers) Black Shoes (no boots or trainers)

    Navy Coat with badge Navy Coat with badge

    Navy Hat with badge Navy Hat with badge

    Navy Scarf Navy Scarf

    Navy Cagoule with badge (summer) Navy Cagoule with badge (summer)

    P.E. P.E.

    White T Shirt with badge White T Shirt with badge

    Navy Shorts Navy Shorts

    Black Plimsolls (not Trainers) Black Plimsolls (not Trainers)

    Navy PE Bag Navy PE Bag

    Swimming Swimming

    Navy swimsuit Navy trunks

    Swimhat (available from School office) Swimhat (available from School office)


    Year 3 Navy Book Bag

    Year 4,5, & 6 Navy Backpack

    1. All uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times.

    2. Jewellery is not allowed in school. Watches may be worn but at the owner’s risk.

    3. Junior children with pierced ears may wear small plain studs in school but they must be removed for P.E. and swimming or left at home. Infant children are not permitted to wear earrings at any time as their day is built around outdoor learning which will involve active physical play  and climbing throughout the day. (Please note that this is based on Local Authority and DfE health and safety advice, see below).

  • Recommendations to schools on jewellery

  • The wearing of jewellery, earring and ear-studs (metal or plastic) should not be permitted on safety grounds during physical education lessons and other sporting activities such as out of hours school learning or competitive fixtures. This includes body piercings such as tongue studs or belly button jewellery. 
    These items represent a potential hazard not only to the wearer but also to other children. Medical advice confirms that any jewellery worn in physical education lessons is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided at all times. Serious accidents have occurred as a result of contact between pupils wearing earrings or studs and other pupils or equipment, thus damaging the ear, or where items of jewellery have caught in apparatus and torn the ear lobe. 
    Head teachers are advised to prohibit the wearing of earrings and ear-studs in all aspects of physical activity where these could present a hazard to the wearer and to others. 

  • 4. Long hair must be tied back with navy blue or white accessories.

    5. Black or navy Velcro shoes