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St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

  5th January 2021                                                       

Dear Parents,

I am sure you are aware of the crisis that is facing the whole country at the moment, with the new strain of Coronavirus spreading rapidly. This afternoon I attended a meeting for Headteachers with the Director of Education for Croydon. The Director explained that what has become clear is that primary-aged children are being affected by this new strain, and can spread the new strain between each other, and so on to their families.

The symptoms found in children can include those seen in adults

  • a loss of smell and taste
  • temperature
  • a new, continuous cough

but one or more of the following have been found in younger children with Covid, without the above

  • upset stomach
  • cold symptoms
  • aching muscles
  • headache

As with the main symptoms for coronavirus, you are advised to get a test if there is any doubt. Ring 111 and ask for advice.

The situation in Croydon is critical, with 1 in 30 people infected in the London area, a figure which is sadly rising daily. The Director of Education has asked all Headteachers to make it clear to our families that the safest place for children to be at the moment is at home if they can be looked after there, and that we must limit travel and contact with other people.

Whilst our schools do have limited capacity to look after the children of critical workers, we have been asked to tell parents that this is only for those who have no other childcare options, and that each child who attends potentially can spread the virus.

Finally, we are aware of the challenges facing families at this time, including with regard to online learning. If you are having difficulties and think you might need assistance, please let the school office know. We are investigating ways of helping with this, including the provision of laptops or tablets in some cases.

I wish you and your families all the very best, and that you all keep safe and well.

God bless

Miss O’Callaghan