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St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

Head of school  Newsletter

23rd February 2024

Dear parents/carers,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a good half term and your children were able to have some time to relax in preparation for this term.

It was lovely to see all their smiley faces as they came back to school on Monday.


It was very strange not to be in school for Ash Wednesday this year, but many of the children have told us that they visited Church on the 14th February and were able to receive the ashes.

This year during Lent we are trying hard to be more like Jesus and take steps forward to living and learning in the St Mary’s Way.

During last term, all the staff and children have been looking at the St Mary’s Way and have all come to the conclusion that there are too many words for us all to remember. So, we have broken the words down into four Gospel values:





This is our new St Mary’s Way and this Lent we will be taking a Gospel Value each week to live and spread around our school, homes and local communities.

This week we are looking at Love, and we are trying hard to live out Jesus commandment

“And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

John 13:34-35

Parents Evening

A reminder that it is parents evening next week.

You will have had a reminder this week and will get another reminder and day before the appointment you made. If you are unsure of the time of your appointment please log on to the booking system to check or ask your child’s class teacher.

Face to face parent’s meetings are on Wednesday 28th February, and they will all be held in the school hall. If you have to bring your children with you please ensure they are sitting with you at all times and not left to wander around the hall as this is very distracting to the other teachers.

Virtual parent’s meetings are on Thursday 29th February. You will get your link an hour before your appointment. Please remember that the system will cut off automatically after 10 minutes.

   We are fortunate to have been one of the schools chosen to take part in a tooth survey being conducted by Kings Collage London. The survey is aimed at children and families in Reception and Year 1. King Collage will randomly select 30 children from across our Reception and Year 1 to look at their teeth. If your child has been randomly selected please ensure you fill in the relevant form bring it back into the school office as soon as possible. When we receive any more information we will pass it on to you.

Golden Table

I had a lovely time on the Golden Table this week. It was a joy to spend time with children who have such good table manners. This week I was joined by:

Ogochiemerie in St Andrew Class

Ryan in St George Class

Ann in St Bernadette Class

Michela in St Therese Class

Filippo in St Francis Class

 Olivia-Renee in St Martin Class

We had a wonderful conversation about our favourite foods and what we like to eat at home. For someone who loves talking about food, it was lovely to hear of some of the wonderful things the children get to eat at home. 


“The invitation at the transfiguration is to listen to Jesus and follow him, laying down our lives as a gift of love for one another

Pope Francis

Dear Lord, thank you for the sacred places where you are worshipped and praised, and for making our homes sacred through your presence among us