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St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

Dear Parents and Carers,  

With these frosty mornings, I know we are definitely in the run up to Christmas and the start of Advent. This year we have an Advent Wreath of Kindness. Each day we will turn over a number of our Advent Wreath and live that act of kindness. Today’s act of kindness was to:

‘Say something kind to an adult today.’

We are very low on decorated jars – please bring in your donations for the Christmas Fair by Thursday 7th December.

When your child brings in a filled, decorated jar they will go into a draw to win a small prize.

You can bring the jars into class as soon as you have made them.

Just to remind you that tokens to spend at the fair will be back to their normal price from next week. You can purchase £10, £5 or £3 tokens after school for the KS1 playground with cash or by card or cash at the school office.

Help wanted

If you are able to offer any help next Friday to set up the Christmas Fair and run one of our stalls please go to the school office to put your name forward. We desperately need volunteers to be on face painting. It is always a very busy stall.

Golden Table

This week I was unable to be on the Golden table as I was in a meeting but Miss Miranda volunteered to stand in for me. She told me how proud she was all of the children sitting at the Golden table and what lovely table manners they all had.

Efeosa in St Andrew

Arsemawit in St George

Emilly in St Bernadette

Isabel in St Therese

Tomoki in St Francis

Sophia in St Martin

Miss Miranda said it was a pleasure to have lunch with you all.


Dates and times

12.12.23 - St Andrew Nativity play – 9.30am

12.12.23 - St George Nativity play -2pm

13.12.23 – Year 1 Nativity play - 2pm

14.12.23 - Year 2 Nativity Play -2pm

15.12.23 - Nursery morning Nativity songs 11am, Afternoon songs 2pm

21.12.23 - Carols by Candle Light – 1.45 pm

                School closes -2.30 pm

Thank you

A big thank you to all of you who have been parking your cars away from the zig zag and double yellow lines in the last few weeks. I feel the children are much safer as a result of this. I appreciate that the parking around the school Is not easy, but it is really important for all St Mary’s Children and families as well as the public, that we try our best to keep  everyone safe at these times.

St Andrew Class

I wanted to wish St Andrew Class a happy Feast Day for the 30th November.

Yesterday they visited the Church as part of their Feast Day celebrations. Mrs Marro said all the children were so well behaved and very prayerful during their time at Church, she was so proud of them. Father James was there to talk to the children about St Andrew and give them a blessing.

 ‘The Lord’s Prayer is the most perfect of prayers’

                                       St Thomas Aquimas


‘Dear young people, Christ asks you to be wide awake and alert, to see the things in life that really matter’

Pope Francis


Can you complete ‘The Lord’s Prayer’:


Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day……..