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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

                                                           Friday 13th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we have been thinking about all the people who  died in wars. On Wednesday we all observed a 2 minute silence and there is a short Remembrance Assembly on Fronter in our family room. We will continue to pray for the souls of your loved ones throughout the month of


A special thank you to all of your who are now wearing masks to come into the school at the end of the day. Over the past few weeks a number of our local Croydon Schools have had to close because so many of their staff have had to self isolate and many more are now regularly closing classes. We have been very fortunate and so far not children have been sent home but once the virus gets a hold on just a few people in the school it becomes very hard to control it.

I pray daily that all our child and staff remain safe and that no classes have to close. Your continued support by wearing a mask will go a long way to helping us to remain open.

Have a very happy weekend,

Yours sincerely,

Miss O’Callaghan


 COVID Update

As the virus continues to spread we

request that you wear a mask  when

entering the school gate.