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St Mary's Infant School Newsletters


                                                       Friday 13th May 2022

Dear St Mary’s Families,

We have all been busily working away on our Jubilee quilts in preparation for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and our Mary gardens in celebration of Holy Mary, patron of our school. Both projects are coming along nicely and even I am having a go at embroidering a section of one of the quilts.

We are now fast approaching the final half term of the school year and there is a lot to fit in, so below I’ve listed some important dates that you may want to put in your diaries.

Whole School Photo

Once every 4 years we have a whole school photo taken. As you can imagine, it is quite a feat to get over 200 young children to face the same way, smile at the same time and not scratch or pick anything. When it is done however, it will be a lovely memento and will become part of the history of St Mary’s.


We will be attempting this on Wednesday 25th May so please pray for fine weather!


Farm Visit

 On 14th June, Deen City Farm will be visiting us and all our children will have the opportunity to meet some of their animals and learn some interesting facts about them.


Croydon Music Festival

We are so excited that after 2 years, this previously annual event is back and I am so looking forward to seeing our Year 2 choir perform on 20th June, at the Fairfield Halls, along with other Year 2 choirs from around the borough.


Sports Day

We are planning to hold our annual sports days on Friday 24th June. Year 1 and Year 2’s sports events will take place in the morning and Early Years will be in the afternoon. We would love you to join us in the KS1 playground.

New Parents Evening

Our meeting for new Nursery and Reception Parents will take place on 5th July at 6.00 pm. In the school hall (yes, a real meeting!). We will be sending out invitations after the half term break.


Reception Graduation

Our Reception children’s graduation celebrations will take place on Monday 18th July: morning -St George, afternoon- St Andrew., We would love all our reception parents to join us on this wonderful occasion.  


Year 2 Leavers Mass

On Tuesday 19th July at 9.30 am, we will celebrating our wonderful Year 2’s time at the Infant School. We would love all our Year 2 parents to join us.

Further details will be coming out soon on the above.

I wish you all a very happy weekend.

God bless,

Miss O’Callaghan