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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

Head Teachers Newsletter No,36

14th June 2024

Dear parents / carers,

I hope you all had a good week. It really seems to have gone quickly with so much going on, with class assemblies, Father’s Day assembly, year group trips and so much learning!

St Andrew Class Assembly

We had the pleasure of watching St. Andrew's Class Assembly on Wednesday. The children beautifully demonstrated the importance of being part of a community and how fortunate we all are to be members of St. Mary’s. They also highlighted the significance of helping others, showing us that the more we care for and support each other, the better we feel. The children’s singing and speaking during the assembly were wonderful to see. Their confidence was impressive, and it has been amazing to witness their growth since September. They are certainly ready for their next adventures in Year 1

Father’s Day Assembly

Thank you to all of our wonderful daddies who came to our Father Day assembly. The children wanted to show how much they love and appreciate you and all you do for them. We hope you enjoyed it

Year 2 trip to Brighton

Our wonderful Year 2 children had an exciting trip to Brighton, visiting the Sea Life Centre and the beach on Wednesday. Mrs. Fernandes and Miss Miranda shared with me how much the children enjoyed their day and how well they behaved. They showed Brighton just how sensible St. Mary’s children are. Fortunately, no one had their lunch snatched by a seagull! Instead, they had the unique experience of eating lunch while watching the sharks and huge turtle.

St George Class Assembly

A reminder that it is St George Class Assembly on Wednesday 19th June at 9.15am in the school hall. If you are a parent of a St George Class child please come along and join us.


The Student Council and all the children in KS1 would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Lena’s dad for creating a mud kitchen for them to enjoy during playtime and lunchtime. It has been a great success! The children have thoroughly enjoyed the new resources and equipment, leading to fewer injuries and much calmer lunchtimes. There are still a few additions we’d like to make, so our wonderful Student Council are brainstorming more fundraising ideas. Keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Golden Table

I had a wonderful time on the Golden Table today. The children had lovely manners.

We had conversations about the food we like the most and what we enjoy cooking at home. The children I had the pleasure of having lunch with today were:

Michele and Tymur in St Andrew Class,

Richard, Jacob, Alexandra and Levin in St George Class,

Medhagayathri in St Therese Class,

St Bernadette class will be going to 10am Mass at St Mary’s Church on Monday 17th June. If you would like to join them you are very welcome.

Ice Poles for sale Every Friday Afternoon

To continue to raise some funds for our KS1 playground the student council have had the idea of selling Ice Poles

Scandalous: my local newsagent sells ice poles at 25p each (Mini Milks ...

So with the sunny weather upon us we will be selling ice poles every Friday in the KS1 playground.

50p an ice pole and we can only accept cash.

Thank you for your contributions  

“The Kingdom is hidden within you; it is found in your own soul”

St Isaac of Nineveh

A word from Pop Francis

 “It is in the human heart that the kingdom takes root and grows”

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and care. Please help us to build you kingdom in our hearts- to do your work with love and care for all.



Have a lovely weekend. May it be blessed with sunshine, love and laughter.

God bless

Miss Mitchell