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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Stranger Danger


A stranger can be described as someone that we don’t know or someone that we don’t know well. Most people are kind but that there are a small number of people who might not be. We cannot tell who is kind just by looking at them. We must never go anywhere with a stranger or do anything for a stranger. It doesn’t matter what they say to us, we should always tell the grown-ups who look after us if a stranger talks to us.

Basic Stranger Danger rules include:

  • never go anywhere with a stranger
  • never accept gifts or sweets from a stranger
  • never get in a car with a stranger
  • never go off on your own without telling your parents or a trusted adult
  • it is okay to break the rules if they are in danger
  • YELL, KICK, SCREAM, LIE or RUN AWAY, if you feel you are in danger

Safer strangers

As well as understanding that some strangers are dangerous, it's important for you to know about adults you can turn to if you are on your own and in trouble.

Safer strangers could be Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, traffic wardens, shopkeepers, check-out assistants, paramedics and others. We can all recognise them quickly because of their uniforms.

Safer buildings could be banks, post offices, libraries, medical centres, shops, supermarkets, leisure centres and others. If YOU can’t see a safer stranger outside you should look for a safer building to go into to ask for help from the people who work there.