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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

22nd March 2024

Dear Parents / Carers,

Our Celebration Assembly

Our Stars of the Week are: Chibby in St Bernadette Class and Michael in St Therese Class.

 Our awards for St Mary’s Way go to Chiadikaso in St Bernadette Class and Isabella in St Therese Class                                                                                 

Religious Education

We will be finishing our topic of ‘Change’. The children will be taking part in RE day, where they will go to different classes to take part in activities that remember the events of Holy Week.

Home learning: Read and share the story of Easter Week with your child (Mark 11:1 and Luke 22:19-22, 23:33-35, 38-43).



Next week we will be consolidating how to measure length/height using a ruler to measure in centimetres. The children will be measuring objects of their own choice from in and around the classroom.

Home Learning:  Practise using the correct mathematical language when describing length/height e.g. longest, shortest, tallest.



Next week the children will be choosing their favourite part of the story to illustrate and write why they like that part.

Home Learning: Talk with your child about the wonders of the natural world. What things do we have on the Earth that are precious?


Here is a link to the story for you to enjoy with your child before you talk about the Earth:


This week the children have either continued to revisit previous sounds in order to consolidate their knowledge or they have been ‘growing the code’ (looking at lots of different graphemes for the same sound) and are continuing to practise reading alien words in preparation for the phonics screening check in June.

Please ensure you are reading daily with your child at home. The reading books are matched to their current phonic knowledge and this allows them to apply the sounds that they are learning to their independent reading.

Home Learning: Please look at the video containing the phase 5 sounds your child should know by now

Topmarks is a great website that has lots of fun games for children to play. Try their phonics activities here:


During the Winter months when the weather is colder, please send your child into school with labelled warm clothing e.g. coats, scarves, gloves, hats etc.

Swimming and P.E. days for this half-term:

St Bernadette: Swimming on Thursdays              St Therese: P.E. on Thursdays

Many thanks from the Year 1 Team


Just a reminder, Each year group will be talking part in the Big Lent Walk to raise money for Cafod. All the money we raise will go to Cafod. This money in turn goes to help those people around the world who are less fortunate than us and for those who need our help.  So please donate so we can show others what we are called to do- love and help our brothers and sister around the world.

To donate please follow this link