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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

Newsletter - Year 1 

Friday 18th June 2021

Hello parents and children, we have had another busy week in Year 1 enjoying the lovely sunshine. The children have been very sensible drinking plenty of water and staying in the shade on the very hot days.  We have continued to focus on our summer art project by artist Orazio Gentileschi 'The Finding of Moses'.

Both Year 1 classes will have P.E on Fridays.  Please send a school sun hat in with your child each day. 

Here is an outline of the learning we will be doing in school next week.

This week the children labelled and wrote about what they thought the painting 'The Finding of Moses' was about before we revealed the correct answer.  They were very good with their predictions with many thinking the baby was baby Jesus and others thought it was the Queen and her cousins. The children have used spinach and beetroot to tie-dye a piece of fabric which we will use to make a dress similar to one in the painting.

Next week the children will continue to focus on the painting and will be learning how to weave a pattern using coloured ribbon.  They will then be able to reflect on their favourite part of the project and what they did well. 

Home learning: 

Search for the painting by Orazio Gentileschi called ‘The Finding of Moses'.  Can your child describe one of the dresses and tell you who is in the painting?

Please continue to read every day with your child for 10 minutes. You can access free books at your child's level on the Oxford Owl Website. You can find instructions on how to log-in and use the website in the Reading Room on the Year 1 page.



This week the children will be learning to measure capacity and volume using non-standard and standard units of measure e.g. litres and millilitres.  They will identify objects that are full, ½ full or empty and record it in a table.                     

 Home Learning: Help your child to practice addition and subtraction number bonds to ten. 1+9=10,  8+2=10 and 10-9=1, 10-2=8 etc.


Here are some of the other ideas to incorporate maths in your daily life.

* Help your child to count onwards and backwards from any number between 1-100.

* Count and then share objects between you and your child (Halving).  Did both of you get an equal number of objects?  How many did each of you get?

* Count objects and then take some away.  How many are left?(Subtracting)

* Make groups of objects (like 2s, 5s or 10s). Can your child count in 2s (2,4,6,8,10...) 5s (5,10,15...) or 10s(10,20,30...) to quickly count how many objects are there altogether.



This week we will be learning about another faith - Hinduism.  We will be focusing on the story of Rakhi.  This is a story of respect and showing the love and concern brothers and sisters have for each other. The children will be writing a blessing prayer for a brother or sister. 

Home Learning: Talk to your child about they could do to show that they love and respect their brothers or sisters. If they are an only child they can talk about how they show love and respect towards their friends or cousins.


Important Reminders: 

Book Change - Monday & Friday -  Reading books and story books are to be returned every Monday and Friday, when all books will be put into quarantine prior to being loaned to another child. We will only be able to loan new books when previous books are returned. Please read these books with your child every day.


St Bernadette – Fridays

St Therese – Fridays

Parent/ carers are requested to send their child dressed in their school PE kit on Fridays. The school kit is; blue shorts, white t-shirt with school logo, black plimsolls.

Here are the websites that we recommended and  Please keep your child’s usernames and passwords in a secure place and visit these websites to aid to your child’s learning. 

You can access the newsletter on the school website: and then follow this path:

Stay safe 

Year 1 Team