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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

Newsletter - Year 1 

Friday 24th September 2021

Hello Parents / Carers and children

Your children have had a busy week learning all about their five senses, using Numicon to find number-bonds of 5, 6, 7 and 8, and thinking about their families in R.E. We look forward to another week of wonderful learning with them. Here is an outline of the learning we will be doing in school next week.


 Next week, children will learn about 'Internet Safety'. They will learn about  how to keep safe online when using devises connected with internet. Children will also continue to learn about their five senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. We will be exploring the organs (skin, eyes, ears, nose and tongue) that help us to use these senses by feeling different objects, smelling and tasting different foods (sugar/ salt/ cocoa/ lemon) and listening and looking around us. 
 At Home: Please continue to help your child practise writing a sentence. Can they remember to include a capital letter at the beginning and finger spaces in between and a full stop at the end? E.g. I can see with my eyes. I can smell with my nose.

You can also access free books at your child's level on the Oxford Owl Website. You can find instructions on how to log-in and use the website in the Reading Room on the Year 1 page. 


This week, we have been exploring our number bonds to 10 using Numicons. Number bonds are two numbers that add up to make a number. E.g Number bonds to 5 would be 2+3=5 or 4+1=5

We will also learn about subtraction. Children will be using words like take away, minus, subtract and count back. Using concrete resources  and pictorial representations, children will solve subtraction sums. They will also learn that answer gets smaller than the beginning number when you subtract.

   At home: Practise counting back from 20 to 0. Also practise writing these maths signs + and - and =

E.g What is one more than 8?     8+1=9

What is one less than 9?    9-1=8


Next week, we will be finishing our topic Families. We will be considering how God doesn’t want us to worry too much about material things and that He will provide for us if we trust in Him. It is essential that we understand the importance for us all to be kind and caring towards each other, every day and in everything we do.

At Home:Please make time at the end of the day, for you and your family, to say thank you to God for all the small acts of caring and kindness you have shown each other.

Important Reminders: 

Homework: Homework will be sent home every Friday and completed homework needs to come back by Wednesday the following week.

Book Change - Monday, Wednesday & Friday: On every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  their old reading and story books will be replaced with new books. Reading books are for your child to read to you and story books are for you to read to/share with your child. Just a polite reminder that we will not be able to issue new books until the old books are returned.

PE and Swimming Days: 

St Bernadette: PE on Wednesdays and Swimming on Fridays

St Therese: Swimming on Wednesdays and PE on Fridays

Parent/ carers are requested to send their child dressed in their school PE kit on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

The school PE kit is: blue shorts, white t-shirt with school logo, black plimsolls.

Here are the websites that we recommended and  Please keep your child’s usernames and passwords in a secure place and visit these websites to aid to your child’s learning. 

You can access the newsletter on the school website: and then follow this path: HOME  --PARENT INFORMATION --NEWSLETTERS --ST MARY'S INFANT SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS --YEAR 1  

Stay safe 

Year 1 Team