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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

Newsletter — Year 1 

Friday 1st July 2022

Our Celebration Assembly


Our Award for 'Living in St. Mary’s Way' goes to Alexandra in St. Therese and Hosanna in St. Bernadette.

File:Full Star Yellow.svg - Wikimedia CommonsOur 'Stars of the Week' are Anthony in St. Therese and Daisy in St. Bernadette.


Dear Parents / Carers,

The children have enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow and this week they changed into butterflies.  We watched them fly off in the playground to their new homes.

Here is an outline for the coming week's learning.


The children enjoyed learning about the faith of Hinduism and how they could show love and respect.

Next week we will begin a new and final R.E topic for Year 1, ‘Neighbours’.  The children will be exploring how everyone is a neighbour and loved by God.  The children will learn about what makes a good neighbour, how we can help our neighbours including our neighbours around the world.

Home Learning: Ask your child what they think it means to be a neighbour.


The children did well this week independently rewriting the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  They used all they have learnt this term to write fantastic stories with describing words and golden sentences.

Next week the children will be imagining a journey to the rainforest in hopes to find Goldilocks who ran off from the bears house and is now lost.  They will be writing letters to her to warn her about which animals she needs to be careful around and identifying where she is.  The children will be thinking about what they are most proud of that they achieved in Year 1 and what they would like to improve at in Year 2.

Home Learning: Talk to your child about their time in Year 1.  What are they proud of? E.g. I am proud of how much my handwriting has improved this year.  What do they want to get better at in Year 2?

You can access free books at your child's level on the Oxford Owl Website. You can find instructions on how to log-in and use the website in the Reading Room on the Year 1 page. 


This week the children learnt how to use tables to record data and information and continued to practise addition and subtraction adding 10 to a number.

Next week, the children will be learning to read and interpret pictograms and explore patterns in twos, fives and tens on a multiplication grid.

Home Learning: Help your child to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

PE  Days: 

St Bernadette: PE on Wednesdays 

St Therese: PE on Fridays

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 1 Team