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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

​Year 2

Year 2 Newsletter

17th May 2024

Dear parents/carers,

This week we had a member from the London Fire Brigade visit Year 2 and talk to the children about the danger of fire.  He talked a lot about hazards in the home to look for in order to prevent fires from occurring. 

St Martin’s class presented us with a beautiful Prayer and Liturgy and a very important message that we can all learn from on Forgiving one another.  This fits in beautifully with our new Topic on Rules.

Below is a summary of some of the learning we have done this week and new learning for next week.

Religious Education

Topic: Rules

We will be beginning to learn about Rules and why we need rules in the home, school and community.  The topic on Rules is to help the children to understand that if we are to live together harmoniously then we treat each other kindly.  If however we make bad choices, then we say sorry and we forgive each other. 


The grapheme we are focussing on is ‘are’

for example in the word beware.  

Home Learning: Practise these spellings and sentences for a test.

Literacy, Science and Art:

We are drawing our topic to a close by writing poems about Space, the Moon, The Solar system and Astronauts.  The children have enjoyed this topic very much and who knows, it may have inspired both the girls and boys who may one day follow the same route of these Astronauts or work in these fields!

The link is below if you want to continue learning about Space.

Our Science this week has been observing the growth and the strength of the plants that we have grown from seeds and explaining why some are so healthy. Following on from this we have been learning  objects that are alive, once been alive or have never been alive.

Home learning:

The children have a sheet to complete on objects that are alive, once been alive or never been alive.

For your Diary:

  1. 11.00am School Feast Day and family Picnic afterwards.

Have a good weekend and God bless you and your families.

The Year 2 Team.



We will complete our learning on Fractions by learning about thirds of shapes and numbers (1/3)

Next week we will be moving onto learning about Time.

Home Learning:

Please complete the sheet on problem solving with quarters of numbers.  The children have learnt to use cubes to share out the numbers equally into 4 groups to find ¼ of a number and then progressed to drawing a grid and recording the cubes on the grid to work out the ¼ of a number.   

¼ of 12 = 3


              ¼             ¼



              ¼              ¼