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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2


Dear Parents / Carers


        Our Award for Living in the St. Mary’s Way go to Daisy in St. Francis, and Demian in St. Martin.

          Our Stars of the Week are Jaivy in St. Martin and Anisia in St. Francis.




Maths: We are continuing our learning on Subtraction. We are subtracting two, 2 digit numbers from

a 2 digit number, ( across a 10.)

We will also be learning to add two, 2 digit numbers across 10 so that we are exchanging 10 ones for One Ten.


Home learning: We have been learning how to Problem Solve using RUCSAC.

Read, Underline, Choose (the operation) Solve, Answer, Check.

Please complete the Problem Solving sheet using this method and draw the Place Value chart for each question in the space provided.


Thank you for all the support you give to your child in completing the homework and returning it to us by Wednesday.  We are always happy to explain anything that is not clear or not quite understood.

Pease do ask us.


Have a good weekend and thank you for all your support.     


The Year 2 Team

English, PSHE, History, Geography, Art          

English:  Our writing will focus on writing the chapters for the Christmas Story.

Our emphasis will be on Punctuation, writing sentences that make sense and each chapter to have a beginning, middle and end.  We are writing with adjectives and trying to add detail to our writing. 


Home learning: Please may we ask you to learn the words of the script that your child has and ‘off by heart’ as we will be rehearsing on Monday with no words!  Thank you.


Spellings: Do practise the spellings to reinforce the teaching we do in class. This week the digraph is ‘ck’ as in snack and ‘nk’ as in blank.



 RE: We are beginning to write a chapter book entitled ‘The First Christmas’

Each chapter is of the events of the Christmas Story and we began with ‘The Annunciation’

following with ‘The Visitation’ when Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and ‘The journey to Bethlehem.’ Do read about these events with your children in the Bible as it will help them to prepare for the true meaning of Christmas.