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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

​Year 2

Year 2 Newsletter

22nd March  2024

Dear parents/carers,

These last few days of this term have been very busy as we have had to cover a lot of learning in a very short half term!  This week lot of our teaching and learning has been on ‘The Easter Story’ and with next week being Holy Week, we will learn more of the events that took place beginning with Palm Sunday through to the Triduum.

Religious Education

Topic: Opportunities

Our focus will be on the Easter Story.  On Tuesday, KS1 will be participating in the Lenten walk for CAFOD.

Well done Reception who completed their walk today. You did a great job!

Please note that we are trying to raise money for CAFOD and if it is possible, would love you to donate however much or little you can afford to sponsor and also to support CAFOD’s wonderful humanitarian work globally.  A text has been sent to you if you would like to donate some money.


The graphemes we are focussing on are:

 ‘es’ as in lunches and ‘er’ as in lighter


Home Learning:  

Please help your child to learn the spellings and practise writing the sentences.  We are seeing a big improvement in the children’s handwriting, so thank you for supporting us.

Literacy and Art:

We are learning about the ‘The Easter Story’ by looking at various Artists and how they depict Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday; the washing of the feet by Jesus, The Last Supper and Good Friday.  By looking at these paintings, we are trying to look at tones and colours used to evoke feelings of the scenes.

 Have a lovey weekend, the Year 2 Team.



We are consolidating dividing by 2 as this will lead to the halving of Numbers.

Home Learning:

Please complete the sheet on problem solving by dividing by 2.

Just a reminder, Each year group will be talking part in the Big Lent Walk to raise money for Cafod. All the money we raise will go to Cafod. This money in turn goes to help those people around the world who are less fortunate than us and for those who need our help.  So please donate so we can show others what we are called to do- love and help our brothers and sister around the world.

To donate please follow this link