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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Newsletter 26                                                                                                   Maundy Thursday 28th March 2024

Dear Parents,

We have now reached the end of the Spring Term, and two thirds of our school year have passed. We also ended our Lenten observances in school today as it is Maundy Thursday.

Stations of the Cross Service

Thank-you to Mr Chappell and the children from Class 4D who prepared such a beautiful final Lenten observance for us this morning. All the children were fully involved in sharing the Stations of the Cross. The school hall was extremely full, so unfortunately it is not possible to invite parents to share in this important event, but children have been encouraged to continue to reflect in Holy Week and to attend Mass on Friday, Saturday or Sunday if they can. Please try to support your child to achieve this.

We have also talked to the children about the importance of watching ‘Urbi et Orbi’ (‘To the City and to the World’), the Pope’s address to the faithful, which airs on BBC1 at 11am on Easter Sunday. In this broadcast, His Holiness shares a blessing with everyone watching, whether in person or remotely.

Mufti Day – fundraiser for the Catholic Children’s Society

Thank-you to all those who managed to make a contribution yesterday. Our School Council nominated the Catholic Children’s Society at the start of the year, and the children understand how important it is to be charitable towards other children who are less fortunate. Your generosity has raised in excess of £280.

Lost property

Unfortunately, a scooter has been removed from our pods at the front of the school. If your child has left with the wrong scooter by mistake, please return it after the holiday.

Assemblies and Liturgies

There was no liturgy this week as the school came together to share the Stations of the Cross.

The class assemblies for the next term will begin as follows:

Thursday 18th April at 9.30am – Class 4D

Thursday 25th April at 9.30am – Class 4T

Achievement Certificates

The achievement certificates this week are awarded to Mirah in 3A, Pugazh in 3E, Zion in 4D, Blessing and Adeleine in 4T, Kayla and Mokshitha in 5B, Kamsiyochi in 5C, Holly in 6G and Emmanuella in 6P. The Head of School’s award goes to Sofiia in 3A. The swimmer of the week is Zachary in . The Kindness Award this week goes to Michael in 4D.

Conclusion of the Spring Term

As we are still in Lent, it is not possible to wish all our families a Happy Easter. However, I hope you all have a restful and peaceful holiday and that you are able to spend some much needed time with your children.

School re-opens to all children at 9am on Monday 15th April.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew McDonald

Head of School

Health Advice for parents


The World Health Organisation now considers the covid pandemic to not be a global health emergency. For advice and support if you suspect someone has covid, please visit:

When using a test, check that it is a recent one that is set up to detect new strains of the virus.


Group A Strep (streptococci)

Scarlet fever is usually a mild illness, but it is highly infectious. Look out for symptoms in your child, which include a sore throat, headache, and fever, along with a fine, pinkish or red body rash with a sandpapery feel. On darker skin the rash can be more difficult to detect visually but will have a sandpapery feel. Children with these symptoms should not attend school.