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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


4th December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers 

Only  two weeks to go until the end of this term and we are getting ready for Christmas.


We will be listening to the story of the 'First Christmas'. The children will be learning about what they can do to get ready for Baby Jesus's birth. This week we have been thinking about 'hope' and the things we 'hope' for in our world.  Next week we will be thinking about 'love' and all the things that we should show our love for.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Next week, we will be linking the literacy learning to the RE learning. The children will be listening to the story of the 'First Christmas' and talking about the characters.  They will begin to sequence the story in the correct order and write a sentence to match the picture.

We will be learning how to write a letter.  We will be reading the stories 'Dear Santa, 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and 'A Letter to Santa' and talking about what makes a good letter - it needs to say who the letter is being written to; it needs to have a message and it needs to say who the letter is from.


Next week we will be introducing the sounds h, l. b and f.

h for hug, l for log, b for ball and f for fun.

We will continue to practice blending and segmenting these sounds to read and write simple words like:

hug, log, bug, fun

   We will be learning the ‘Tricky words’ she and we

At Home: Please go through the letter sounds and 'Tricky Words' with your child and help them to read and write the 'Rainbow Words'.


 Next week we will continue to learn about the number 5 and revisit all the other numbers we have learnt. so far this term.  We will be singing '5 Little Ducks' which reinforces one less,  and '5 Elephants Went Out to Play' as this reinforces adding one more.  By the end of the week the children should have good understanding of one more and one less for all the numbers to 5.

At home: Give your child word problems for the number 5 eg there are 3 elves in Santa's Workshop, 2 more join to help them make toys.  How many elves were there altogether?

General Information 

Please can you encourage your child to learn how to use the zip on their coat independently.  We still have a lot of children who are unable to zip up their coats and it is very time consuming having to zip up 30 coats before they go outside. Thank you.

If you would like to bring Christmas cards for the children please make sure they are in school by the Wednesday 9th December. They will be given to the children during the last week of term.