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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust


Reception Newsletter

22nd March 2024

Dear parents/carers,

As we approach the penultimate week before Easter, we're excited to share some highlights from our classroom activities. Despite the anticipation of the holiday, our little learners have been busy exploring and learning each day. We hope you enjoy reading about their adventures!

Religious Education

In Religious Education, next week the children will be learning about the Easter story and its significance in the Christian faith. Through storytelling and interactive activities, they will be introduced to key events such as Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, and the crucifixion. We've been impressed by their curiosity and engagement with our new topic of gathering, and we look forward to continuing our exploration of Easter in the coming days. We wish you and your families a meaningful and blessed Easter season ahead.



In the world of phonics, the children have been consolidating their understanding of letter sounds and blending words. They've been applying their phonics knowledge to read and write simple sentences, demonstrating growing confidence and fluency.

Home Learning Task:
Practice blending and segmenting words with your child using simple objects or picture cards.


Literacy: Communication and Language

In Literacy, next week our young learners will be honing their storytelling skills through imaginative play and creative expression. Inspired by the Easter story, they will be retelling the events of Jesus' resurrection using puppets, props, and artwork. It's been heart-warming to see their enthusiasm and creativity shine as they have enjoyed exploring traditional tales.

Home Learning Task: Read an Easter-themed story together and discuss the characters and events.


In Maths, our young mathematicians have been exploring the world of 3D shapes. Through hands-on activities and games, they've been learning to identify and describe shapes such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders. We've been impressed by their ability to make connections between shapes and everyday objects, showing a keen eye for geometry.
Home Learning Task: Go on a shape hunt around your home or neighbourhood, identifying and naming 3D shapes.