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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

Head of school

Newsletter no. 27

22nd March 2024

Dear parents / carers,

We are coming to the end of another term and although it has been a relatively short term the children have been extremely busy with their learning and have made good progress.

A reminder that on the last day of term, Thursday 28th March, the Infant school closes at 1.45 and the Junior school finished at 2.00



When the children visit Year 1 they will be learning about Palm Sunday. The time when Jesus rode through Jerusalem and palms were placed in his path.

Then they go to Year 2 the children will be learning about the Last Super, where Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples and washed their feet.

When the children visit Reception, they will be learning about Good Friday. When Jesus died on the cross to sacrifice his own life so we can all be forgiven our sins.  

The children will be completing a range of learning throughout the day to embed the story and be able to retell the Easter Story, which is one of the most important dates in the Catholic calendar.

RE Day

On Tuesday 26th March we will be having our RE day. The children will be visiting different classrooms and teachers to learn about the various parts of the Easter Story.

As we enter Holy week, on our last week of term, we will be thinking about the Easter story.

Fratelli Tutti

This is a letter from Pope Francis, based on internal love; Fratelli Tutti means ‘Brother and Sisters’.

Pope Francis wants us to work on a shared dream for our Global Family – working towards Peace. He wants to open up the world so we can meet other people and different cultures. He feels that even with modern technology we have stopped listening to one another and are becoming more divided. He wants to ’Dream a New Dream’. Where we see everyone as a Brother or a Sister and care for every man and woman, young and old with the same care as the Good Samaritan. Fraternal loves, goes beyond all boundaries calling us to reach out and to help others in need, no matter how far away they are, or which group of people they belong to. We need to dream together and work for the good of everyone, helping those who need it. We need to think of ourselves as ‘A Single Family, Living in a Common Home’


So, listening to Pope Francis words we will be taking part in Cafod’s .

Each year group will be talking part in the Big Lent Walk to raise money for Cafod. All the money we raise will go to Cafod. This money in turn goes to help those people around the world who are less fortunate than us and for those who need our help.  So please donate so we can show others what we are called to do- love and help our brothers and sister around the world.

To donate please follow this link

Or just click on the QR code below.

Golden Table

I had a lovely time on the Golden Table this week. It was a joy to spend time with children who have such good table manners. This week I was joined by:

Kosi in St Andrew Class

Amariah in St George Class

Zach in St Bernadette Class

Isabella in St Therese Class

David in St Francis Class

Jaivy in St Martin Class


The children spoke so eloquently about what they like to eat at home and their favourite foods.


  “Are you a parent or grandparent? Be holy by patiently teaching the little ones how to follow Jesus’”

Pope Francis

“Let us ask for the grace to follow Jesus faithfully, not in words but in deeds.”

Pop Framcis

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving your life for us and for calling us to follow you, so that our world may become a better place.