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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

St Mary's Infant School Newsletters

Head Teachers Newsletter No,33

17th May 2024

Dear parents / carers,

We are back to the typical English weather this week- one day beautiful sunny skies and the next rain- but at least our plants are getting a water.

A huge THANK YOU to those parents who were able to come and help do some gardening on Friday. You did an amazing job at tidying up the garden for us and making look beautiful for our Feast Day next week.

St Martin Class Assembly

 The whole school and St Martin parents were able to see St Martin Class wonderful assembly on Wednesday. They spoke about the importance of forgiveness and how, even when others have made the wrong choices and do something to upset us, it is important that we forgive them as God forgives us.

We saw some wonderful acting – showing us that when we are playing tricks on people, and think it is a joke, others may not see it in the same way and it is important to see others point of view.

They also talked about our principles of Catholic Social teaching and showed us how we can be peacemakers when things do not go the way want expect them to. Thank you, St Martin’s Class, you taught us a lot this week.

St Mary’s Feast Day

Our Annual St Mary’s Feast and family picnic will be on Thursday 23rd May.

Our procession will begin at 11am in the KS1 playground followed by a Liturgy in the garden with our whole school family. After the liturgy please join is in the KS1 playground for our family picnic.

After the picnic you are free to take your children home and begin your half term!

 With the sun in mind can I please ask to you ensure your child has our school royal blue sun hat in school for when we get this beautiful weather. We want to ensure they are protected from the sun and are sun safe.  If you are unable to get the hat with the logo on I will be happy for your child to wear a plain royal blue cap.


Golden Table

I was unable to be present on the Golden Table today but Mr François Williams did have the pleasure of having lunch with such polite children. He told me that he had a wonderful time sitting having lunch with such well mannered children.  This week the children with exceptional manners were:

in St Andrew Class, in St George Class, in St Bernadette Class, in St Therese Class, in St Francis Class and in St Martin Class

The Year of Prayer

Pope Francis has designated that 2024 is the Year of Prayer and a focus is the Lord’s Prayer. He tells us that prayer is very important and is a way we can talk to God and is like having a special friend in heaven who we can talk to anytime. He believes that when we pray we should only ask for help but also say thank you for all the wonderful things He has given us. Pope Francis also believes that when we talk to God, it makes us happy and brings us closer to Him. So, praying is like having a special conversation with our Heavenly Father.

With Pope Francis words in mind, as a school, we have decided to focus in detail on the Lord’s Prayer. We feel it is an important prayer as Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer to let us know that God wants us to talk to Him each day, through prayer, and to share what’s in our hearts.

This week we have been looking at each line of the prayer and discussing what it means. The children gave some very reflective answers to the questions I asked. Please could we ask you to talk to your child about the Lord’s Prayer and its meaning and maybe pray together as a family, the Lord’s Prayer.


A Word from Pope Francis

” The extraordinary outpouring of Pentecost is an event that continues. The Holy Spirit transforms us and wants us to transform the world.”


“The Holy Spirit helps us to view others with fresh eyes, seeing them as brothers and sisters in Jesus, to be respected and loved


Simply repeating the words ‘Come Holy Spirit’ is a great prayer to say as you finish tonight’s Together Time, and also at anytime throughout each day.

I want to say a huge thank you to the team of parent volunteers who came into school today to tidy up our garden, not only for our St Mary’s Feast Day but for us to enjoy during the summer months. You all did a fantastic job and I really appreciate all the hard work you put in this morning.

So, a huge THANK YOU goes to:

Leo and Lula-Rose Mothers in St Bernadette class. Naveah and Michel’s Father from St Andrew and St Therese class, Jonas’s Mother in St Andrew Class, Beniel, Lena, Gabby and Annarosa and Caterina Mothers from St Francis Class.

Without you all the garden would not look as great so thank you again.