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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 1

Newsletter - Year 1 

Friday 4th December 2020

It is unbelievable that only two weeks left before we break up for Christmas holidays. The atmosphere is magical and children are very excited. Remember to check our Christmas Page on Family Room. 

Couple of gentle reminders: 

Please help your child to practice the Christmas songs. Copy of the lyrics has been sent home and you can also find them on Fronter.

If your child will be giving out Christmas cards to the children in their class this year please note that the deadline for bringing cards to school is Wednesday 9th December, so that we can 'quarantine' the cards before they are sent out to other children. The class lists have been sent out this week.

Here is the outline for the upcoming learning.

English & History

We will continue the topic on ‘Toys’.  This week we will be sharing the book ‘Looking at Teddy Bears’ by Sallie Perkis.  We will be comparing toys from the past with toys from today and identifying the differences and similarities.

The sound of the week is: ‘ck‘ e.g.  neck clock and brick.

The word of the week is: ‘were‘ e.g.  wenjoy reading everyday.

Home learning: Talk to your child about your favourite toys and help them to think about which toys they have enjoyed playing with (please ensure they are not electronic devices as we are going to be looking at toys of today and toys that were being played with in the past).


Next week we will be revisiting our concepts of addition, subtraction and number bonds learnt in so far. They will also be solving word problems involving addition and subtraction by using RUCSAC method.

Home Learning: Please help your child to practice counting on and back form a number. For example

Count on 5 numbers from number 3 would be 4,5,6,7,8

Count back 3 numbers from number 7 would be 6, 5, 4


This week, through role play, the children will be retelling the Christmas story using their own words. We will then retell and illustrate the Christmas story. The children will be orally rehearsing and writing Golden Sentences (capital letter, full stop, finger spaces and it must make sense) when writing.

Home Learning: Find a quiet time and place to share the Christmas story with your child. Please help your child to retell the Christmas story in their own words. Ask them questions to see how much they have learnt e.g ‘What three gifts did the Wise Men bring to baby Jesus?’

Important Reminders: 

As weather is getting colder, please send your child into school with labelled warm clothing E.g. coats, scarves, gloves etc.

Here are the websites that we recommended and .  Please keep your child’s usernames and passwords in a secure place and visit these websites to aid to your child’s learning.

 Books - Monday & Friday  Reading books are to be returned on Monday and Friday, when all books will be put into quarantine prior to being loaned to another child. We will only be able to loan new books when previous books are returned. Please read these books with your child everyday.

PE will take place every Friday in Year 1.  Parent/ carers are requested to send their child dressed in their school PE kit on Fridays.  The school kit is; blue shorts, white t-shirt with school logo, black plimsolls.

Access the newsletter on school website, and then follow this path:  HOMEPARENT INFORMATIONNEWSLETTERSST MARY'S INFANT SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS -YEAR 1

Stay safe and take care.

Year 1 Team