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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2


7th – 11th December 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

Our Celebration Assembly

Ours Stars of the Week are Aseye and Sienna in St. Martin de Porres Class, and Atinuke in St. Francis of Assisi Class.

RE and English: Preparations

We are writing about the First Christmas over the coming week. This past week we have looked at The Annunciation and written our first chapter, and each day next week we will be writing a new chapter to retell the events as they unfolded.  

Home learning: Hopefully your homes have been filled with great hope and love this past week, as your child has been trying to keep their Advent promise.                             

This week as you are busy preparing for Christmas at home, can you ask your child to tell you about the Annunciation.  

English Home LearningPages 40 and 41, which are questions about some short fiction texts.


We have begun to look at adding two two-digit numbers together where the ones will total more than 10, so the children have begun to learn about exchanging ten ones for one ten. 

Home LearningPages 30 and 32, which are on using two-digit numbers and working out addition and subtraction problems. Here is a hint for part 2 of Challenge 3: The first missing number is 31.


Wishing you and all your loved ones every blessing.

The Year 2 Team