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St Mary's Catholic Primary Schools Trust

Year 2

27th September – 1st October 2021

​Dear Parents / Carers

Our Celebration Assembly

Our Stars of the Week are Anabelle in St. Martin and Eileen, Emily and Somto in St. Francis.

R.E.  Can your child tell you about something that they found hard, but after being helped they can now do?  Help them to say a prayer of thanks about this to God.

English: A comprehension exercise.

Last week the children did very well.  Just a few did not write in complete sentences when asked.  

Spellings - the sound 'igh'.  

Maths: Work on ordering numbers and reading and writing the words for number names.  

Additionally, in any spare few moments, encourage your child to count on or back in 10s, by using their 100 square to count down or up a column (95, 85, 75, 65, 55…).

Thank you to the great number of children who remembered to return their homework folders on Wednesday.


RE: Beginnings

As we draw our topic ‘Beginnings’ to a close, the children will be reflecting on prayer and what we have learned from the Psalms about God’s loving care for us. They will also consider what it means to be a child of God, and how we can show this in our daily living.

English and Topic: We Are Croydon

The children will be writing more of their biography about their partner for our ‘We are Croydon’ topic. We will be working on editing our sentences to make them ‘Golden’, and at making them more interesting and informative by adding ‘because’ and or adding greater description and detail.

We will also look at another famous Croydonian who lived many hundreds of years ago. This week the children have learned about Cicely Mary Barker, and should be able to explain to you why she is famous and why the people of Croydon should be proud of her.


We have looked at the use of < (less than), > (greater than) to compare two number. Having recorded correctly, a few children have struggled to then explain orally what they have written.

        e.g. 21 < 54,

    saying 54 is greater than 21, despite having mathematically written 21 is less than 54.

We will be teaching the children to add or subtract ones from any 1- or 2-digit number, and then multiples of ten from any 2-digit number. We will be aiming for the children to be able to start working mentally, and to solve word problems.


This week we have looked at some work by Cicely Mary Barker, and learned about her life in Croydon. Over the next few weeks the children shall be exploring her art and producing their own pieces in her style. Please look at our Art Room in our Year 2 Classroom on Fronter, where there is lots of information about Cicely Mary Barker, and examples of her work.  

P.E. Kits: Please ensure that your child wears our school kit, with their school Jumper or cardigan, or a plain white T-shirt. When the weather gets colder, plain joggers can be worn over their shorts.

Wishing you and all your loved ones every blessing.

The Year 2 Team